MasMovil Q&A: Proactively reduce high churn with self-service.

April 25, 2023 By: Quantum Metric

In times of inflation and limited resources, how can businesses beat churn and retain customers?

At TM Forum’s 2023 Digital Leadership Summit, Quantum Metric’s Carlos Planter caught up with Javier Daban, Digital Analyst Manager at MasMovil, to find out how his team uses technology to improve self-service and reduce customer churn. 

See the key takeaways, or watch the full interview below.

Q: How does MasMovil drive customer loyalty and retention in the face of inflation and post-pandemic challenges?

A; Every company wants to be customer-centric. But what does that mean exactly? For me, it’s always keeping the customer in mind and thinking about the best experience for every type of customer. I’m an analyst, so to me, you need to be data-driven to do this. That’s what’s enabled MasMovil to be agile and adapt to market conditions. 

Q: How do you use self-service channels to cut costs while meeting the customer’s expectations?

A: We’re trying to be more efficient in our message to customers. One way we do this is through a propensity model—the customer’s propensity to buy, call, leave the company, etc. 

But, as a group of brands, we have a lot of data, and it’s not easy to move quickly from data to action, which is really important to me. Quantum Metric allows us to go deep into actionable insights and understand not only the what but the why, which is the most difficult thing to answer when somebody asks you why something is happening.

Q: Sometimes, you need to elevate the insights you discover to leadership. How do you go about doing this and uncovering insights across the organization?

A: Our goal is to gather the most valuable data and then spread this knowledge to the other teams. We collect the data and put it in our shared data platform so everyone’s on the same page and knows why we’re doing what we’re doing. Based on my experience, the best insights come from multidisciplinary teams—a shared understanding of what’s important is critical to success. When we collaborate with other departments, we see our customers from another point of view. 

Watch the full interview with MasMovil’s Javier Daban. 

Watch the full interview to catch:

  • More on how Javier’s team uses technology to improve self-service
  • What kinds of data and metrics his team monitors
  • How they continuously improve the customer’s digital experience

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