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Meet Quantum Metric Atlas: Your guide to navigating digital complexity.

January 25, 2023 By: Mario Ciabarra

It’s the question on every digital leader’s mind: how do you determine what your customers want right now? 

Digital is rapidly becoming the primary driver of business sales and revenue, but a gap remains between the time it takes to identify digital opportunities and act on them. 

Over the years, we’ve built expertise from working with hundreds of leading brands and digital teams, including over 20% of the Fortune 100. We’ve worked across marketing, product, UX design, engineering, DevOps, VoC, analytics, executives, and more. 

What has stood out is the digital heroes across these teams, how they were quick at taking data that Quantum Metric’s platform made available and acting on it, while others took time to ramp and decipher how that data called for action. The digital heroes were often more experienced and had seen the patterns of what challenges required which data. 

Those pattern matches are the key to digital success. Instead of waiting for years to match these patterns, we’re excited to make that expertise available to anyone, gathering everything we’ve learned in one place. 

Meet Quantum Metric Atlas. 

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Quantum Metric Atlas, a new solution adding to the evolution of Continuous Product Design that will help you quickly and easily onboard your team and get the most out of the Quantum Metric platform. 

Quantum Metric Atlas is a collection of pre-built industry guides that outline, step-by-step, the questions and answers digital teams need to provide better online and mobile customer experiences. Each guide proactively surfaces, quantifies, and monitors the primary KPIs for each bite-sized customer experience, enabling you to view the big picture and find the needles in the digital haystack.

Why did we build Atlas?

The companies seeing the most growth are the ones that can make sense of their data and take action on it. But knowing if you’re asking the right business questions and working towards what matters most to customers is one of the biggest challenges facing digital teams today. 

We’ve often seen companies have the data at their fingertips but fail to recognize what action was required to resolve the issue. One US retailer had a payment issue that went on for weeks while their teams couldn’t get to the root cause of the intermittent conversion drop. Another retailer spent hours trying to get to the bottom of a massive cart failure that cost millions. They started backwards from the customer, in server log files that looked like Alice jumping down a rabbit hole. 

With the right questions asked, these retailers could identify, quantify, and act on the issues that mattered most to their business.  

Why is this so hard? Not only is asking the right questions a challenge, but the customer journeys themselves are often complex, made up of dozens of specific use cases. Overlooking just one use case results in missed opportunities.

We’ve repeatedly watched capable teams eventually hone in and pinpoint customer experience opportunities. While some teams can do this in minutes, others take days. This contrast in productivity and speed has been the biggest differentiator in success in our experience working across industries with global executives. Time to value, removing the causes of “death by a thousand cuts,” and having the team expertise to quickly address these pain points is what’s winning on digital.

So, how do we empower teams to move fast and focus on the aspects that matter most to their business and customers? 

That’s why we built Atlas. 

With Quantum Metric Atlas, anyone within an organization can make smarter decisions and improve their efficiency by up to 90%, resolving issues in one to two days.

Atlas does this in four key ways:

  • Makes it easier to create internal experts by flattening the learning curve.
  • Enables digital teams to get to the heart of customer needs faster and with confidence.
  • Reduces the time it takes to ask and answer questions about key business metrics. 
  • Shows how to get the most out of their data and the Quantum Metric platform.

What’s inside the Atlas library?

Let’s unpack that last benefit—what makes Atlas the perfect solution for onboarding digital teams and getting the most out of the Quantum Metric platform?

Today, the Atlas library offers many guides, providing customized use cases for consumer banking, travel, retail, insurance, and telecommunications. Cross-industry guides will also be available to provide a structured approach to everyday use cases for digital organizations, regardless of industry.  

In one click, digital teams can navigate between different guides to focus on key touchpoints along the customer journey through a tailored set of dashboards, metrics, anomaly detection, and alerts. 

If an anomaly does occur, you’ll be notified and driven to a guide-specific alert inside the Quantum Metric platform, showing what happened, when, and why, removing any guesswork and enabling your team to focus on critical issues first. 

What does this mean for Quantum Metric—and you?

The best part of Atlas is its simplicity: it enables anyone within an organization to self-serve insights and move quickly to deliver better value. Customer journeys are increasingly complex, and the unique insights available in the guides library will help you build better products faster and create happy customers. 

And the more we engage with each of you, the more we learn and incorporate into our library—letting you guide our direction with Atlas.

Ready to learn how to get the most out of Atlas? Watch this deminar to see a few guides in action. 

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