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Putting your user data to work with Quantum Metric + Google Cloud

August 2, 2021 By: Alex Lacey

At Quantum Metric, we have a lot of tie-ins to Google Cloud. Our entire product is built exclusively on Google Cloud, is powered by Google Cloud BigQuery, and is integrated across the Google Cloud product portfolio.  We’re continuously improving our product and dataset to enable business value in conjunction with Google Cloud. We’ve been so successful at this that in 2020 we became a Premier Google Cloud Partner.


In mid-2020, Quantum Metric announced its availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows users to quickly deploy Quantum Metric via their Google Cloud console.  Chris Arisian, Director of Industry Partnerships for Google Cloud, put it well, “With just a few clicks, customers can deploy Quantum Metric on Google Cloud and leverage its capabilities to better understand data on customers’ experiences.”


The Full Data Picture?

‘So what?’ You ask.  ‘I have more data than I know what to do with already.’  That’s true of course, but what if you had a tool that would allow you to sort and aggregate every user interaction on your digital properties by business impact, user impact, or technical issue? ?  What if everyone in your organization had access to personalised views of this data, from IT to Marketing to Product?  What if you export a dataset of every user interaction – from rage clicks to cart size to failed API calls – into your own BigQuery environment? 

This is what Quantum Metric on Google Cloud can deliver.  Onboarding via Google Cloud Marketplace is quick and simple and can  provide an unparalleled depth of visibility and understanding into your digital products and the customers who are using them.  


Improving their own home

One home improvement company did exactly this. After a 30-day proof-of-concept, where it enabled access to raw data in BigQuery, the business identified areas of user friction points costing over a million dollars of annualized revenue loss.  Since then, the company has dramatically expanded their usage to additional web and native app experiences. 


Ensuring Insurance Quality 

The mobile app team at a well known car insurance company searched for 18 months to find a partner who could give them better visibility into its native apps. With Quantum Metric, over a 60-day deployment, the team gained new insight into conversion blockers and user frustration. A new product release spanning their iOS app, Android app, and web-based sales funnel had created a frustrating login experience for customers. Identifying and resolving this issue with Quantum Metric averted another million-dollar annualized sales impact.


Banking on insights

According to Google Cloud, “in a survey of more than 500 business executives, 83% recognized the importance of turning data into actionable insight, but only 22% felt their company could do it.”  Step in Quantum Metric on Google Cloud, which helped one leading US based bank turn data into value.   


The bank had no shortage of feedback from customers through in-app, website, in-branch and phone surveys, but it struggled to identify actionable insights from the feedback or prioritize any single enhancement.  Quantum Metric on Google Cloud allowed the bank to, in one click, extrapolate from one piece of user feedback to hundreds and even thousands of similar users who were facing the same issue.  After a short 45-day deployment programme, the end result was massively increased ROI on its customer experience program, happier customers, and a newfound ability to immediately quantify how many other users are impacted by an issue raised in a single piece of customer feedback.  


Here’s how other customers are putting their data to work with Quantum Metric and Google Cloud :

  • Contact Center AI: rescue customers in real-time with a Dialogflow chatbot when Quantum Metric identifies friction or frustration, then quantify the impact of that chatbot on conversion rates.
  • Application delivery and replatforming: findbugs and problem areas pre-release and immediately view and quantify any user impact during release go-lives.
  • Cross-silo data modeling and visualisation: take advantage of having your Quantum Metric data on BigQuery to build custom models and visualizations and easily join the dataset with your Google Analytics or Ads data to build better audiences or Customer Lifetime Value models.

To find out more about Quantum Metric on Google Cloud and the benefits of buying through Google Cloud Marketplace, please contact us at [email protected] or click here.

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