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Quantum Metric named among vendors in the growth stage in Forrester digital product management research

April 15, 2021 By: Christine Tran

The product management software market is heating up! Quantum Metric is serving product leaders like heads of product management, heads of digital, and heads of e-commerce.

The importance of analytics for product management leaders can’t be understated. Product teams have to make daily and long-term decisions about what to prioritize. They’re constantly evaluating, “What will drive value for customers and business outcomes?” But with so many competing priorities, executive escalations, and squeaky wheels, it can be tough for teams to align (quickly) on what matters most. 

To help product leaders understand the technology landscape, Forrester published its first ever New Tech: Digital Product Management Tools And Tech, Q2 2021. We’re happy to share that Quantum Metric is included among vendors in the growth stage.

According to the report, “Quantum Metric’s $200 million Series B round in January 2021 sets the stage for another strong year of investment in the sector.”

The report, authored by Forrester analysts Nigel Fenwick and Caleb Ewald, explains why product management solutions are necessary in a digital-first economy:

“Whether you’re a digital native or a 100-year-old physical goods manufacturer, every business is quickly becoming a digital business. Digital products and commerce-enabled digital experiences are at the heart of revenue growth. The shift toward continuous digital product design and build demands new ways of operating, organizing, and measuring around customer value delivery.”

Forrester’s report breaks down the product management software market into these categories, of which Quantum Metric is included in all but design and delivery: planning and prioritization, customer research and insights, design and delivery, and product engagement.

Thank you to the Forrester team for research on this category of software. You can read more about the category, vendors, and business drivers at the Forrester website (subscription or purchase is required): New Tech: Digital Product Management Tools And Tech, Q2 2021.

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