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How the Quantum Metric-ServiceNow Integration boosts contact center workflows.

May 5, 2022 By: Alex Torres

The contact center, the next evolution of the Call Center, is now a hub of key insights within many organizations. With the right tools in place, like the Quantum Metric-ServiceNow integration, your organization can leverage the contact center to understand customer sentiment and discover how to improve the customer journey.

In this article, we will give some background on ServiceNow integrations, and explain how the Quantum Metric integration in ServiceNow can boost your contact center workflows, help agents better empathize with their customers, and more. 

What is a ServiceNow integration?

A ServiceNow integration helps boost digital workflows by exchanging information with another system, platform, or source of data. These integrations help companies view and share data, make user interfaces more interactive, and move data across systems. 

Understanding the ServiceNow Integration hub.

If you’re integrating ServiceNow with external sources, you will probably need to checkout the ServiceNow Integration Hub.

With the ServiceNow Integration Hub, you can automate third-party integrations that use common protocols, such as APIs. Many process owners and developers use the Integration Hub’s pre-built workflows to quickly interact with third-party applications. 

The ServiceNow Integration Hub makes it easier for your team to access multiple business processes and integrations from one interface, design workflows with multiple systems, and automate important business processes. 

With ServiceNow integrations like Quantum Metric, non-technical and no-code users can more seamlessly navigate through triggers, actions, inputs, and outputs.

What is the Quantum Metric Embedded Session Replay for ServiceNow?

The data silo divide has long affected different teams across the organization, especially the contact center. 

To help contact center employees boost efficiency and better empathize with their customers, Quantum Metric has partnered with ServiceNow to launch an embedded session replay inside the ServiceNow platform. 

Now available on the ServiceNow Store, Quantum Metric Embedded Session Replay for ServiceNow is giving agents access to real-time session replays. 

The goal? To help agents understand exactly what a customer did prior to contacting support. With the new integration, agents can provide faster, more personalized support.

Beyond that, the Quantum Metric integration in ServiceNow also empowers contact center agents to share information about errors, customer frustration, and more with other business units, such as IT and operations.

Why the contact center is the next forefront of customer insights. 

Once referred to cheekily as the cost center, the contact center has morphed in recent years into a critical layer of the customer experience. 

As more and more customers move their engagement online, the leading banks, insurers, retailers, travel, and hospitality brands are discovering an opportunity to turn the customer support experience and the data uncovered in the contact center into business gold. 


By equipping their agents with the right tools.

It’s time to elevate the agents into their rightful place as agents of change.

Change your business with agent insights.

Agents have a front row seat to your customers’ digital experiences. They can provide valuable insights and feedback to your organization, when given the right tools. 

Did you advertise an incorrect promo code? Is a new web page design confusing the customer journey? What about the dead button link on your mobile app? 

Your agents are going to hear about it first, which puts them in a unique position to alert the organization of the issue. 

Empowering contact center agents with ServiceNow and Quantum Metric.

So how do you shift an agent’s role from front-line customer support to organizational insights hero? And with so many customers reporting challenges, how can contact center agents determine which problems need a long-term fix?

Disparate teams and systems have made it difficult to share key insights from one part of the organization to another. Not many businesses give agents a direct line into IT and Ops teams, which means the critical customer frustrations that agents see often go unnoticed for long periods of time – even by those who are in the best position to fix them. 

The Quantum Metric integration in ServiceNow helps close the gap between those who engage with customers (agents), those who build the customer experience (developers, designers), and those who focus on business processes (IT/Ops).

How the Quantum Metric-ServiceNow Integration boosts contact center workflows.

With the Quantum Metric-ServiceNow integration, agents now have access to real-time session replays. With these session replays, agents can understand exactly what a customer did prior to contacting support. 

If friction or an error has been uncovered, the agent can quickly create an ITSM incident directly from their case. This automated exchange of the customer session means IT no longer has to recreate a technical or UX error based on what a customer told an agent. 

The result?

Faster MTTR on cases, better CSAT and NPS scores on support, and no time wasted recreating errors to resolve a known frustration. 

Here’s a look at the actual workflow for the Quantum Metric integration in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow customer service management platform with Quantum Metric's embedded session replay

If you’re familiar with ServiceNow, you will recognize the CSM (customer service management) module. You can access the Quantum Metric integration by clicking on the specific case number that you wish to explore.

Quantum Metric integration in ServiceNow showing live user sessions

Within ServiceNow, you can customize your dashboard by adding the Quantum Metric integration, which appears in the above example on the right-hand side of the dashboard. 

The Quantum Metric integration shows you all of the sessions associated with that customer for the past 30 days. In addition, agents can see when a customer is live on the website or mobile app, as well as insights about a customer’s session, such as device type, location, time engaged, conversion, and even abandoned cart value. 

Quantum Metric embedded session replay in servicenow providing analysis of errors

If you want to understand what happened to the customer before they reached out to support, you can view a particular customer session – all without leaving the ServiceNow platform. 

On the left, you can review the events that took place during the session, as well as filter for specific errors. 

How the quantum metric integration in servicenow helps people analyze errors

Events are color coded on the individual timeline as well, so you can jump to a specific type of error.

If the session is relevant to a larger issue, you can save the session and create a public or private link. That way, you can share the session with the relevant teams, whether it be design, product, or development.

If the error is especially urgent from an operations perspective, you can create an IT ticket right from the customer session. With the link to the session and the details of the case in hand, the IT team no longer needs to recreate errors.

Looking up an error in the Quantum Metric

Perhaps most importantly, you can size the issue of the error by clicking See More Errors Like This. That way, you can determine how many users are being impacted by the same error, and how much the error is costing the business. 

Quantum Metric allows you access to dashboards

When teams understand which errors have the largest impact on the customer journey, they can better prioritize addressing issues before they affect more users. 

An investment in your contact center is an investment in your employees. 

In a world where competition for talent and business is fierce as ever, employees need to invest not just in the customer experience, but the employee experience as well. The Quantum Metric integration in ServiceNow is an excellent place to start improving the contact center experience for agents, IT/Ops, and others.

As your organization scales, ServiceNow and Quantum Metric can help teams across the organization take the guesswork out of solving your customers’ most pressing problems. By having real-time visual insights into your contact center workflow, you will experience a number of improvements, including: 

  • Customers will have their cases resolved faster, and without having to explain (and explain again) where they ran into a frustrating experience.
  • Agents won’t have to guess at what a customer went through, since it’ll be right in front of them.
  • Agents won’t need to leave their system of record, since real-time insights will be embedded.
  • IT and Ops won’t need to try and recreate errors based on what an agent says the customer did.
  • IT and Ops will be able to quantify and prioritize fixes that result in an updated customer experience, which in turn, results in far fewer calls, chats and emails coming in about a known issue.

Quantum Metric for contact and call centers.

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