Snowflake & Quantum Metric: Unlocking a Data Goldmine

May 25, 2021 By: Jake Makler

Accessing the data goldmine and activating the insights buried within an enterprise’s interconnected system of technologies is the key to solving many business challenges today. Quantum Metric and data cloud platform Snowflake are partnering to enable leading brands to accelerate their data strategies and maintain a singular focus on the customer. Connecting Quantum Metric’s data in Snowflake with commerce platform, marketing attribution, inventory management and other business critical data sets helps brands to understand their customers and personalize their experiences at scale. 

Session Replay with Quantum Metric

One way that Snowflake customers can benefit from Quantum Metric is by using the platform’s session replay technology. You know it, or at least likely have heard of it. It’s been described as a ‘TiVo for your website,’ which is why it’s not surprising that many refer to individual sessions as “videos.”  Despite what they may look like, however, these millions or even billions of sessions captured across most of the largest websites and native apps in the world are not, in fact, videos. Rather they are a stream of millisecond-level movements, gestures, clicks, and taps paired with the exact technical experience that the app or website served to this individual customer. 

So, rather than billions of hours of video to watch, this technology actually sits on petabytes of structured data representing the most comprehensive source of customer experiences on digital. Or as one of our clients told me: “You are sitting on a goldmine.”

 Quantum Metric’s Digital Experience Data Stream:


Understanding Your Customers 

Truly understanding a customer journey requires a level of visibility that is often blocked by data silos. A customer receives a piece of direct mail, clicks on an ad, visits a website, subscribes, calls, chats, unsubscribes – how many different systems are involved in this process? How many different data silos might exist at a typical enterprise? Martin Von Wenckstern from Canadian Tire described this challenge best to me: “Anyone can show you a funnel, but what about a ‘full customer funnel?’” Across the various owned and unowned digital assets, as well as the many offline touchpoints, Martin was describing visualizing a complete customer experience and then analyzing those experiences and gaining insights at scale. Achieving this allows you to learn about your customers and discover entirely new segments and cohorts. 

Imagine a group of loyal in-store shoppers who were forced to purchase online for the first time by recent current events. Though they purchased successfully during their first visit to the website, they struggled mightily in doing so, receiving multiple invalid promo codes and location errors. If you only looked at traditional web analytics like Adobe or Google Analytics in a silo, you might see that this session was a conversion and pat yourself on the back. But a purchase is not always a good experience. This example portrays a set of high value customers who struggled in their first online experience in a way that might reduce the likelihood of them returning.  

Similarly, how do you know which prospects have the highest propensity to convert so you can prioritize your acquisition spend? Imagine two customers, one who quickly clicks through three pages and then stands up to get a cup of coffee, and the other who takes the time to slowly read each of the three pages, dwelling on specific areas and copy/pasting so they can do additional research. Neither converts. Both have 5 minutes time-on-page. Again, web analytics would give you a coin-toss when it comes to prioritizing your win-back efforts. Behavioral signals can be used to understand intent and drive smarter messaging to the right customers at the right times. 

Personalize Experiences at Scale 

The hard part is understanding your customers. The fun part is driving smart decisions that improve their journeys. Personalization is that buzz word we’ve been hearing for the better part of a decade, but it’s happening right now. Take Canadian Tire, for example. This leading Canada retailer creates personalized experiences across multiple brands and platforms for 1.5 million people every week. That’s 4% of the country’s adult population. To ensure delivery of a smooth, personalized experience, Canadian Tire leverages Quantum Metric insights within the Snowflake platform to successfully manage, prioritize, and derive data insights in real time, providing a seamless customer experience and informing business decisions.

“With Quantum Metric and Snowflake we can combine offline and online data, allowing us to deliver personalized offers to our customers,” said Martin Von Wenckstern, VP of Personalization and Customer Analytics at Canadian Tire. 

This level of insight not only provides a positive customer experience, but also maximizes conversion and cultivates loyalty. Canadian Tires creates hyper personalized offers and experiences for loyalty customers, which is reflected in the more than 750,000 loyalty customers who visit the site weekly.

“Pairing Quantum Metric and Snowflake together provides cross-functional user-centric depth of how our site is performing,” said Ishan Parikh, Associate Vice President of Digital Strategy and Analytics at Canadian Tire. It allows us to understand what is happening digitally at all times, even when things are going well, and gives us the ability to make decisions that have an immediate and direct impact on revenue.”

Check out Quantum Metric at Snowflake Summit to dive into how exactly Canadian Tire is creating unique experiences to across multiple brands and platforms for 1.5 million people every week.

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