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Safeguarding every player in the new era of digital gambling.

May 11, 2023 By: Rosie Rowe

For the online gambling industry, the release of the UK whitepaper, High stakes: gambling reform for the digital age, came as no surprise. 

In fact, several forward-thinking gambling operators were already on the ball, with adding limits to younger players and talks of sharing data. And clearly, the players want it, too: in the weeks leading up to its publication, Quantum Metric sessions viewing safer gambling tools increased by an average of 11% across all operators. The desire to use safer gambling tools also increases drastically during big sporting events. 

 Inside the whitepaper were proposals for seamless protection checks, new online stake limits, and rule reviews aimed at reducing risks associated with the speed of play, and so on. How exactly these measures will be implemented is yet to be determined. But it’s clear that the UK is committed to reforming the online gambling industry to protect every player—and that’s good for everyone involved.

Here are a few ways to use Quantum Metric to safeguard every player and prepare your online experience for the new era of digital gambling. 

Identify digital friction and optimise flows across the entire player experience. 

Optimising user flows for safer gambling is a key initiative for gaming operators. Tools like profit & loss trackers and deposit limits can protect players and help them place bets within their means. However, these tools are widely underused and, as a result, often left unoptimised for harm prevention. 

To help players mitigate risk, the Gambling Commission is exploring making these tools mandatory or asking players to opt-out rather than opt-in. As Quantum Metric captures every user journey, our platform can identify if players experience friction when using these tools and provide operators with the insights they need to ensure player safety. 

For example, Know Your Customer (KYC) data is some of the most valuable data any gaming operator needs to collect in order to protect their players and prevent fraud loss. Before Quantum Metric, one UK-based gaming client didn’t have significant visibility into how many customers were interacting with KYC data request banners used in registration. After creating Quantum Metric dashboards, the Quality Assurance team realised one geographic region had a 10 -14% higher click rate than the rest. 

In addition to uncovering and removing digital friction, Quantum Metric can track a whole host of data points and create alerts on the backend of these custom triggers to inform operators if a particular safer gambling tool fails to work as intended, e.g., a 404 or failed API. 

Make safer bets by looking at the right data.

As the stakes for providing a safe player environment get higher, gambling operators need transparency around key customer experience KPIs & metrics, as well as the ability to improve them in real-time. 

That’s why we created a range of Atlas gaming and online gambling guides, so you can know when, where, and why players are struggling in the digital experience. From placing the first bet to making a deposit, these guides will prove invaluable in helping operators stay on top of the evolving regulatory landscape. 

Take, for example, the Deposit Funds guide shown below, which highlights issues or errors preventing customers from transferring funds to their accounts successfully and safely.

Anytime you need a quick pulse on performance, or an anomaly occurs, you’ll be notified and driven to a guide-specific alert, showing what happened, when, and why, enabling your operators to move fast to address the issue and get back to giving your customers an optimal experience.

Get a head start on player safety with Quantum Metric. 

Ready to get ahead of the game and incorporate safer gambling practices & tools into your digital strategy? Quantum Metric helps top gaming brands place their players at the centre of their operations. While digital experience platforms can’t address all issues related to gaming compliance, they serve as a crucial tool for operators to ensure ethical practices and provide a safe environment for all players. 

Learn more about creating a winning player experience with Quantum Metric today.

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