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Six reasons why every digital leader should attend Quantum LEAP ‘23.

November 10, 2022 By: Caitlin Tucker

Let the countdown begin: Quantum LEAP is back again on February 6–8, 2023. And this year, we’re thrilled to return both virtually and in person in Austin, TX.

If you want to grow your network, uplevel your industry knowledge, and increase your understanding of Quantum Metric and Continuous Product Design, here’s why Quantum LEAP ’23 should be on your radar. 

What is Quantum LEAP?

First, what in the world is Quantum LEAP? 

Quantum LEAP is an annual conference, run by Quantum Metric, that brings together digital experience leaders from all over the world to share, learn, and grow. 

For attendees, Quantum LEAP is an investment not only for your company but also for your future. It’s the chance to broaden your network, better understand your industry, and uncover new learnings on the Quantum Metric platform.

Why should you attend Quantum LEAP ‘23?

So, what does attending actually look like? We’ve highlighted some of the major reasons to attend below. 

What you’ll do at Quantum LEAP ’23: 

  • Spark inspiration from key speakers. Day one of Quantum LEAP kicks off with an exciting lineup of keynote speakers. Make sure to catch everything from top digital executives to inspiring, surprising storytellers and performers. 
  • Connect with passionate, like-minded folks from all different backgrounds. Quantum LEAP gathers digital leaders from a variety of backgrounds and industries, offering the chance to learn how other organizations like yours are innovating in digital and driving the adoption of customer-centric insights. 
  • Gain new skills, perspectives, and training — directly from the Quantum Metric community. You’ll discover how to use the Quantum Metric platform to its fullest potential through workshops, case studies, guest speakers, and live Q&As. Past guest speakers have included leaders from Cisco, GEICO, AT&T, United Airlines, Sam’s Club, Comcast, and more.
  • Find out how to rally your team and organization behind building a customer-centric culture. A huge focus of Quantum LEAP is looking at how to create positive digital experiences for customers, starting from within an organization. In addition to platform training, you’ll also learn proven strategies from fellow customers and Quantum Metric experts for adopting Continuous Product Design and developing a customer-centric culture.
  • Consult with leading digital experts from our partner ecosystem. The conference is also an excellent opportunity to learn how the Quantum Metric platform can integrate and work within your current processes and tech stack. Together with our partners, we’ll uncover new use cases to amplify your Quantum Metric investment and operationalize customer-centric insights across other teams and technologies.
  • And, most importantly — have fun! Yes, there are many real business benefits to attending Quantum LEAP. In addition, you’ll also get the chance to build lasting connections, network with other conferencegoers, and — if you’re joining us in person — soak up all the fun that the city of Austin has to offer.

How to attend Quantum LEAP ‘23. 

Interested in attending Quantum LEAP 2023? Registration is now open. Even if you can’t join us in Austin, you can still participate and watch keynotes virtually (hey, comfy clothes and couch-to-desk commute!). 

Sign up for Quantum LEAP ’23 today.

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