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Taking real-time digital retail action with Activate.

August 4, 2022 By: Brynna Macleay

While trying on new jeans can sometimes be a journey in itself, there is nothing quite as frustrating as not being able to purchase those jeans easily when you’ve found the perfect pair. That’s how online shopping feels when the experience isn’t seamless

Customers today expect to enter a website, native, or mobile app experience and feel like it was built for them. And there is little room for error. Online shoppers typically remember two types of experiences: awful and exceptional. Everything else is unmemorable. 

To get to exceptional, brands need real-time insight into the customer experience—starting at the most granular level. They need to know how a customer interacts with an online experience, where they are experiencing friction or confusion. And they need to be able to act on it.

We’ll walk through how Quantum Metric Activate can help provide a jump from analysis to action.


Real-time insights to real-time action.

Real-time data, while critical, can only get you so far in impacting the shopper experience.

Quantum Metric Activate allows you to go one step further and turn any behavioral data point about your customer into a trigger that spurs an action either within the user experience or as a decision from your team. With Activate, every customer interaction, from frustration to engagement, is an opportunity to intercept them at a critical moment—or simply provide more information for your analysis.

In essence, it can be the personal touch in the digital shopping experience that ensures your brand is both memorable and exceptional in the customer’s mind. Let’s explore three ways enterprise retail organizations are leveraging Quantum Metric Activate to be the experience that keeps customers coming back. 



  1. Save a customer that is blocked from completing a purchase.

Sometimes shoppers get in the way of their own online checkout experience. 

Typos, wrong addresses, distractions. We’re all human. But sometimes the website or mobile app just doesn’t function properly as a result of that human error. But there is a way to save the shopper from their own mistakes.

Take this scenario: A customer is attempting to make a purchase but the “place order” button isn’t working properly. Quantum Metric picks up that there is a rage click happening and shows you on the opportunity page.

The team notices that it is happening frequently so they activate the webhook in Quantum Metric to send a signal to a chat bot, like Salesforce Live Chat. Your team makes a rule that anytime that the button is clicked more than 3 times rapidly, Quantum Metric sends the signal to the live chat bot and a chat pops up in real time to say, “It looks like you are struggling, how can we help you?” The customer is able to get the support they need to complete their transaction.

  1. Intercept a customer struggling with a promo code. 

Loyal customers aren’t just stumbled upon. They are built by retailers who understand the importance of encompassing a shopper’s values beyond the items they are shopping for. 

Loyal customers come back to brands that understand them. Once they’ve achieved VIP status, keeping them there is the top priority. Personalized discount codes are a great tool to do that, but with promo codes come promo code errors.

Enter scenario number two: A customer previously identified as VIP enters a promo code but it fails multiple times. 

Quantum Metric Activate sends the signal to your CDP, like Tealium or Segment, to assign a frustration badge and so that this customer in the VIP shopper segment can be added to a VIP frustration audience. This information is then immediately passed downstream to your personalization tool, like Optimizely or Dynamic Yield.

Your VIP struggling shopper then receives a pop up that offers a comparable discount with a new promo code. 

The modal says “We are sorry you are struggling. Please use this code ____ for 20% off your purchase.”

The VIP customer feels valued, uses the new code to complete the purchase, and maintains their brand alliance.



  1. Offer alternative payment options when a card is declined.  

Many modern digital shoppers aren’t comfortable saving their credit card information on websites, even if it’s a trusted brand. This means each time they check out they need to re-enter that information as the final step to secure their purchase. When that step fails, or a card is declined, brands need a back up plan. That’s where our third scenario comes in.

A customer inputs their card information at checkout and the information is declined two times in a row. Quantum Metric flags that this person is struggling and activates a webhook to a personalization tool like Optimizely or Dynamic Yield. That technology is signaled to pop up a modal for the customer that suggests an alternative payment method such as PayPal or Apple Pay. 

The customer is easily able to divert their choice of payment to something they may have pre-saved and they are able to complete their transaction without further struggle 

Get started with Activate.

Ready to rescue a struggling customer, enrich your existing data, re-engage someone who abandoned their cart, or roll out a new feature? If you’re already a Quantum Metric customer, reach out to your account manager. If you’re not yet a customer, explore more of the Quantum Metric platform in one of our live demos.

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