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The future of CX in telco with DU Telecom & Telstra.

May 15, 2023 By: Quantum Metric

Digital interactions between companies and consumers have accelerated since the pandemic. Most customers now prefer to onboard and manage their accounts through digital self-service exclusively. With this shift, higher competition and consumer expectations have made the digital journey the top focus for telcos, spurring the need to align their people, processes, and technology. 

So, how do you get everyone on the same page and stay ahead in the market? During TM Forum’s Digital Leadership Summit, experts from DU Telecom and Telstra weighed in to provide insights and share their experience on winning and keeping customers’ hearts. 

See the key takeaways, or watch the full panel interview below.

Panel highlights. 

  • Reinvent and discover new ways of doing business. Before digital, telco companies trained customers to go to a store to buy something or call the contact center for support. Now, they need to pivot and meet customers where they are, in whatever channel they prefer—and that’s tough with the complexity and the legacy baggage telcos carry. They often try to layer digital on top of existing systems, which doesn’t work. Instead, they need to be bold and rip off the bandaid. While it’s challenging when you have a large customer base with steady revenues, you can A/B test new offerings in the market, take the learnings, and then rinse and repeat.
  • Identify and exceed the needs of all customers, from enterprises to everyday consumers. Every telco in the world serves a diverse customer base, and not all customer preferences are the same. Each one has unique needs, goals, and digital expectations. For example, how a baby boomer interacts with a telco looks different from how a millennial does. So, how do we build an omnichannel experience that serves not only our storefront and contact center, our digital channels across enterprise, mid-market, and small-medium businesses, but also all the people in a given country and their individual needs and preferences? That’s the challenge telcos are facing.
  • Competition is a key driver of innovation. Here’s a better way to think about the competition: The new players in the space driving digital products and experiences are our partners, not rivals. We can look at the technology and experiences they’re bringing to the market and then leverage those to iterate our own offerings. That helps us because then we’re providing that experience to our customers, both on top of the products that we do in conjunction with them, and then on top of the products that we put into the market on top of our network. The change they drive is good for customers, the market, and us.
  • Leverage digital to do more with less. Telcos must focus on creating an exceptional experience for all customers and markets. Trying to do more with less forces us to ask how we can innovate and do things differently. Digital tools like Quantum Metric provide the opportunity to look at the data and the customer experience in a way we wouldn’t have before. 

Watch the full panel interview. 

Watch the full panel interview to catch:

  • How to stay agile in a volatile market
  • Different ways to drive organizational efficiency with digital
  • Digital investments to prioritize in order to meet customer needs
  • And more

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