Quantum Metric Visible: Why it matters.

May 18, 2022 By: Adam Stewart

Quantum Metric Visible brings behavioral insights to your fingertips.

The Quantum Metric platform provides users with detailed insights into the customer journey, and helps them make actionable decisions based on data. 

One big advantage of Quantum Metric is the vast depth and breadth of the platform’s capabilities, from session replay and customer journey analysis to business quantification and interaction heatmaps. 

But sometimes, you just need to get quick insights on the fly. That’s why we are unveiling Quantum Metric Visible!

So what is Quantum Metric Visible? How can it benefit you, and how can you get started?

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What is Quantum Metric Visible?

Quantum Metric Visible brings customer behavior to the forefront and allows you to quickly understand impacts on customer experience.

With Visible, you get access to metrics, heatmaps, clicks and taps, and conversion data–right from your browser. 

Using a simple bookmark plugin, you can open Visible on any page in your domain with a single click. If you need to drill in deeper to investigate further, Visible can send you into the full Quantum Metric platform to find, fix, optimize, and design. 

Why it matters to you. 

Have you ever wanted to understand how users are experiencing your site and interacting with different page elements, but didn’t have the time to explore the data with powerful software like Quantum Metric? Or maybe you are having conversations with leadership and want them to be able to see top-level data in the plugin, without sharing dashboards and reports. 

Visible helps more people across your organization to get critical insights and data regardless of in-depth product knowledge or technical skill level. With that expanded insight, you can drive initiatives, communicate more effectively, and deliver a first-class digital experience more efficiently. 

That’s where Quantum Metric Visible can change the game. With Visible, everyone with a Quantum Metric license can get access to top metrics.You can also dive in to learn more in the full Quantum Metric platform, as Visible quickly surfaces important information impacting the customer experience.  Some Quantum Metric packages, for instance, give access to heatmaps, clicks and taps, and even conversion data on interactive page elements.   This information is all available through a single click of a bookmark right in your browser window!

You can align your teams easier through the accessibility, convenience, and key insights with Quantum Metric Visible. Top metrics can help you track, monitor, and gauge page performance to properly evaluate expectations. Heatmaps, as well as Clicks and Taps, give you the visual representation of customer focus.  Interactions help you quickly see the performance of page elements. This way, you can focus on your top calls to action – and address underperforming areas.

These insights have always been available to anyone using Quantum Metric, but with Visible, now they are accessible without needing to dive into the product. This will open a door to discovery to all Quantum Metric users, regardless of technical expertise. 

What comes next?

Quantum Metric is built on the foundation and values of Continuous Product Design. And we practice what we preach, as all aspects of Quantum Metric are being constantly analyzed to maximize performance and user experience. 

Quantum Metric Visible is no different, and it will continue to grow in features and capabilities. This is just one more step forward for the Quantum Metric platform, which continues to lead the way in user experience solutions for companies across sectors ranging from financial services to retail, travel and hospitality to telecommunications.  

Currently, Visible is available for Chrome and Firefox, with other browser support and a formal extension coming soon, for added convenience. Additionally, look out for more metric and overlay customization, as well as abilities to pivot from the Quantum Metric platform into Visible. These future features further connect the tangible user experience with data.

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