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Why We Built This: Page Performance

May 28, 2020 By: Trevor Pyle

A few months ago at our inaugural user conference (Quantum Leap), we released a beta of Page Performance to customers in attendance. Our conference had users from a variety of teams you would find in a typical enterprise: product, IT ops, marketing, UX, engineering, and more. These folks are all aware of the impact performance has on the end-user experience, but they all approach the problem with different perspectives (and with different tools).

The goal behind Page Performance is alignment. Alignment has always been an issue between business & technical teams. Business teams (obviously generalizing) have always focused on revenue, conversion rates, LTV, and increasingly over the last few years, customer experience. Technical teams have always concerned themselves with uptime, outages, page speed, resource timings, and everything else that would keep a technical leader up at night. However, technical leaders have also begun to place increased importance on customer experience and in general, the lines between ‘technical’ and ‘business’ are becoming blurred. However, teams are still using differing tools, they are maligned and they are not correlating their efforts to business impact. When it comes to improving site performance, business and technical teams need a single version of truth that’s fast, quantified, and grounded on what customers actually experience.

This is why we built Page Performance. 

Page Performance enables your team to discover and quantify performance improvement opportunities, aligning your business and technical teams around key business outcomes. With Page Performance you can: 

  • Automatically surface and quantify your biggest performance opportunities on web applications.
  • Analyze resources (CSS, images, scripts, fonts, etc) that are impacting conversion and user experience.
  • Benchmark critical DOM events (time to first paint, DOM interactive, etc) in order to optimize your product on every platform.  

To learn more about Page Performance, check out the overview below.

To get a quick walkthrough of Page Performance from our product team, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar on June 11 at 11 AM MST. If you are a customer, reach out to your account representative to learn more about Page Performance. If you are not yet a customer, attend the webinar, or request a demo to learn more about the Quantum Metric platform.


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