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3 World Cup takeaways to get your digital experience game-ready.

January 18, 2023 By: Alex Thomson

That’s a wrap on the FIFA 2022 World Cup. The world’s biggest sporting event ended on December 18, celebrating a win for Argentina and gaming operators. 

Online gaming got a major kick in popularity during the football tournament with an estimated $35 billion in wagers, signaling more opportunities for gaming brands going into another jam-packed year of major sporting events while thinking ahead to Euro 2024.

But, in the highly-regulated gaming industry, for every opportunity, there’s also a challenge. For example, data shows that gaming operators can drive 50% of revenue from just two percent of their customer base. The catch? Operators can’t only focus on that two percent—every player counts, with every experience needing to be truly seamless.

To help you deliver a winning experience for both new and returning players, we’ve gathered a few Quantum Metric insights from the 2022 World Cup to help you get in the game. 

Optimize, optimize, optimize. 

With higher stakes, online gaming is as competitive as the games the players are wagering on. Even the slightest friction along the digital experience will prompt them to fold and take their business elsewhere. 

Brand loyalty is the name of the game in this industry, and the best way to keep players satisfied is by building digital empathy and optimizing flows across the entire experience. 

One Quantum Metric client wanted to better understand how players moved through their new user journey, focusing on three key touchpoints: promotions, registration, and sportsbook. 

Working with Quantum Metric, they optimized each of the pages to uncover friction points and ensure coverage across the entire user experience—double-checking for things like ATM parameters for promotional codes, form field interactions, and email validations. They also set up alerts to catch any friction points before they impacted players.

Over the course of the tournament, the client saw a 47.38% increase in sessions, a 101.14% increase in registrations, and a 25.89% increase in bet placements. 

Without the right data, all bets are off the table. 

Experimentation pushes the digital experience forward. But, it also requires you to rethink and challenge assumptions about how customers interact with your site in order to avoid losing valuable players—especially leading up to the big game or code freeze. 

Before the World Cup, a gaming client based in the UK offered free bets to new players, a promotion they expected to run seamlessly. However, after working with Quantum Metric, they discovered one-third of those players encountered friction in the bet slip. 

The Quantum Metric team was then able to size and quantify the issue’s impact, measuring the lifetime value of the players lost during the promotion: if one-third of those new players never returned, it would be a £365,000 loss.

Start winning before the game begins. 

When it comes to building loyalty with new players, it’s essential to facilitate an easy registration and deposit process, as they’re critical parts of the player’s experience. If they struggle to do either, they’ll go elsewhere. 

Another Quantum Metric gaming client found significant friction on their deposit page, with a 16% dropoff and more than two frictions per player. Using the Quantum Metric platform, they were able to find and address the root causes of the issue ahead of the World Cup. 

After a deposit page redesign, customer frustration levels dropped by 74%, and page dropoffs were down by 52%. In total, the client saved  £670,000 in lifetime value.

Get ahead of the game for 2023. 

With the Grand National and Women’s World Cup around the corner, now’s the time to get your digital experience game-ready. Learn more about creating a winning player experience with Quantum Metric.

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