We're nerds and proud of it

Our team of scientists, engineers and designers work tirelessly to generate useful and revolutionary insights from your data.

Why are we here?

Quantum Metric was conceived in 2011 with a challenging goal: empower organizations to maximize their customers' experience and value by simplifying data science exploration through machine intelligence and Big Data.

"We are radically changing the way organizations understand
how users interact with their digital presence."

Our Culture

As users of analytics, we know that there's an overwhelming amount of data, that the search for meaning can be exhausting, and the configuration demand is distracting. We want to walk away from CXM with that "So that's how we improve our business" feeling, and we couldn't find a product on the market to get us there. So we built Quantum Metric to tell us where customers struggle and the value of that opportunity, all without having to be a slave to software configuration. We set out to teach software to understand the value of products, services, and customers.

We are passionate in the attention to detail behind every metric, statistic, graph, and chart, ensuring each adds value and provides clear insights into the customer experience and opportunity.

Emphasis on Innovation

QM is defined by our innovation first culture - an environment that rewards creative problem solving and rapid decision making. We encourage our team to be bold. Our open culture keeps everyone informed and allows people to move around and solve the problems they care about most. We are a close-knit team moving fast to develop new products, constantly iterating and improving.


We approach each challenge asking the question, "How can we do this better?"

While our team includes backgrounds from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and others, it takes more than a pedigree to make something great.

We are proven entrepreneurs, developers, and one cool cat who are passionate about doing everything better.

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Our Team

Mario Ciabarra

Founder / CEO

Jaimie Ciabarra


John Reichard

VP Sales Engineering

Nick Beaulieu


Eric Pastuer


Andrew Meredith


Shaun Ryan

Director of Client Success

Derek Lemon

Virtualization Engineer

Thomas Cross

Account Executive

Matt Moravek

Business Development

Chris O'Dowd

Business Development

Les Murphy


Chris Franz


Robert Wenig

Board Member


Office Cat

Join Our Team

Client Relations Manager - Los Angeles, CA

Client Relations Manager - San Francisco, CA

Software Consultant - San Francisco, CA

Senior Sales Engineer - San Francisco, CA

Director of Machine Learning and Data Science - Monument, CO

Web Designer / Front-End Web Developer - Monument, CO

Software Developer - Monument, CO

Senior UX Designer - Monument, CO

Senior Data Engineer - Monument, CO

JavaScript Developer - Monument, CO

Senior DevOps Engineer - Monument, CO

QA Engineer - Monument, CO

Customer Success Engineer - Europe

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.