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How digital teams use Quantum Metric.


Monitor real-time KPIs, friction, and behavior to stay ahead of passive feedback channels.


Immediately quantify issues so that your teams spend less time chasing down possible non-issues.


Surface optimization opportunities with behavioral data ensuring each iteration creates tangible value.

Customers who chose Quantum Metric.

Why Quantum Metric.

A modern approach to experience analytics.

More than just session replay.

Less time on code level maintenance, more time on optimizing.

How we stack up.


Cloud based architecture build on Google Cloud Platform allows for capture of millions (or billions) of sessions.


Single capture approach across web and native that work on day one.

Mobile app analytics

Patented approach enables capture/analysis parity with web by translating native app views into family DOM components.

Purpose built platform

Private company with a single platform focused on providing market leading digital analytics.

Journey analysis & heatmaps

Flexible and segmentable heatmaps, clickmaps and journey analysis with easy pivots into session replay.

Error monitoring and alerting

Automated error monitoring and quantification with the ability to create precision alerts powered by ML.

Product vision

Quantum Metric is an industry leader in experience analytics with ambitions of becoming the digital analytics solution of the future.


Archaic infrastructure designed for on-premise deployments and retro-fitted into SaaS environments.


Multiple capture approaches for web that require you to pick and choose based on type of page being captured — variety of approaches for mobile app capture.

Mobile app analytics

Image based capture technique that requires you to capture and update every screen — creating a high security risk and weeks of maintenance overhead.

Purpose built platform

Tealeaf was acquired by Acoustic which is a private equity owned martech company that focuses on campaign automation.

Journey analysis & heatmaps

Minimal heatmapping capabilities as most of the tool is focused on session replay.

Error monitoring and alerting

Minimal dashboarding and alerting capabilities as most of the functionality is built around segmenting down to reported issues.

Product vision

Acoustic Tealeaf is in maintenance mode, supporting on-premise deployments of the past while Acoustic focuses on other products in their stack.


reduction in time to resolution

Using session reply, teams are able to visualize, identify and fix the issues, in less than an hour. Previously this took a day or more.


reduction in cost per acquisition

By monitoring customer behavior aligned to the customer’s journey, teams are able to identify where and why customers fall out of the acquisition funnel - and prioritize fixes based on outcomes that drive successful conversions.


increase in product engagement

By understanding where customers engage and correlating to intent to purchase, teams can intelligently build personalized experiences that actually drive online purchase.