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Monitor real-time KPIs, friction, and behavior so that you are ahead of passive feedback channels.


Immediately quantify issues so that your teams spend less time chasing down possible non-issues.


Surface optimization opportunities with behavioral data, ensuring each iteration creates tangible value.

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A modern approach to experience analytics.

Get the technical details teams need to resolve issues.

Evolve your site without wasting resources on maintenance.

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Cloud based architecture built on Google Cloud Platform allows for capture of millions (or billions) of sessions with negligible performance impact.


Capture behavioral indicators, deep technical details, and core business metrics out-of-the-box. Remotely configure precision events without code.

Mobile app analytics

High fidelity session replay for web and native applications using patented replay rendering technology.

Purpose built platform

Private company with a single platform focused on providing market leading digital analytics.

Error monitoring & alerting

Automated error monitoring and one-click quantification with the ability to create precision alerts powered by ML.

Journey analysis & heatmaps

Visualize the entire customer journey, then drill down to page-level micro-conversions and isolate promoters and detractors.

Security & PII Protection

Capture technology that deconstructs and rebuilds the experience at the component level, which provides the ability to exclude any text that appears or is entered by the user.


Performance implications with decoupled replay and analytics capture means customers often have to choose between 100% session capture or impacting site performance.


Limited out-of-the-box data capture increases engineering time to implement additional tracking for mobile and web.

Mobile app analytics

Mobile app capture technology built on screenshots rather than complete recreation of the experience. Customers report difficulty with implementation and lower fidelity mobile insights. Replays lack technical detail needed to be useful for engineering.

Purpose built platform

Capabilities enabled through various acquisitions, features may be decoupled leading to arduous work flows for simple analytics tasks.

Error monitoring & alerting

Manual tagging required to track errors. Basic alerting based on static values, rather than intelligent anomaly detection.

Journey analysis & heatmaps

Strong focus on heatmaps and page-level analysis, but not easy to tie back to session replays or other analysis. User generated snapshots required to build heatmap visualizations.

Security & PII Protection

Data isn’t automatically encrypted at the device level across web and native solutions, but can’t be handled without significant engineering support.


reduction in time to resolution

Using session reply, teams are able to visualize, identify and fix the issues, in less than an hour. Previously this took a day or more.


reduction in cost per acquisition

By monitoring customer behavior aligned to the customer’s journey, teams are able to identify where and why customers fall out of the acquisition funnel - and prioritize fixes based on outcomes that drive successful conversions.


increase in product engagement

By understanding where customers engage and correlating to intent to purchase, teams can intelligently build personalized experiences that actually drive online purchase.