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How digital teams use Quantum Metric.


Monitor real-time KPIs, friction, and behavior to stay ahead of passive feedback channels.


Immediately quantify issues so that your teams spend less time chasing down possible non-issues.


Surface optimization opportunities with behavioral data ensuring each iteration creates tangible value.

Customers who chose Quantum Metric.

Why Quantum Metric.

Stop searching for replays—rely on automation.

Parity across web and mobile.

Less tagging, more insights.

Get teams started faster.

How we stack up.


Enterprise roots—capture billions of sessions without sacrificing performance


Capture 300+ dimensions on day one and leverages remote configuration.

Mobile app analytics

Parity between web/mobile Patented approach enables capture/analysis parity with web by translating native app views into family DOM components, yielding the highest fidelity mobile replay and 1:1 parity with web analytics.

Industry templates

Industry expertise built in with guides.

Journey analysis & heatmaps

Access powerful heatmaps and more directly from your browser with Visible

Enterprise deployment

Full control over user permissions, data access, traffic management and more


Dedicated success consultant, engineer, & account manager.


Started in SMB, struggles to scale capture in peak seasons


Flexible data capture; however, requires code level maintenance for additional tracking.

Mobile app analytics

Quality replay on web but native replay uses a different replay engine, creating gaps in visibility (replay) and disparity between mobile and web analytics

Industry templates

Some guidance on dashboard best practices, lack industry and journey expertise.

Journey analysis & heatmaps

Recently released beta Journey maps and heatmaps, but not as easy to access.

Enterprise deployment

Ability to split traffic/domains into sub accounts, making it difficult to surface enterprise level insights


Support is dependent on spend, only top tier gets support.


reduction in time to resolution

Using session reply, teams are able to visualize, identify and fix the issues, in less than an hour. Previously this took a day or more.


reduction in cost per acquisition

By monitoring customer behavior aligned to the customer’s journey, teams are able to identify where and why customers fall out of the acquisition funnel - and prioritize fixes based on outcomes that drive successful conversions.


increase in product engagement

By understanding where customers engage and correlating to intent to purchase, teams can intelligently build personalized experiences that actually drive online purchase.