The Platform for Continuous Product Design

Make your next release better than the last.

Learn Faster, Move Faster

Quantum Metric gives business and technical teams a single version of truth, based on the only perspective that matters—customers. The result? Teams agree on priorities, build products customers love, and iterate with speed and confidence.

Enable customer-driven decision making

Use real-time, quantified data to take the guesswork out of prioritizing your next feature or product.

Get instant visibility on your north star metrics

Free your analytics. Give every team instant visibility into the KPIs they care about, all from a single version of truth.

Uncover UX opportunities at scale

Watching hours of replays? Ouch. Instead, spot UX opportunities with quick segmentation and side-by-side comparison.

Prioritize Opportunities

Define Cohorts

Optimize Funnels

Correlate Engagement

Find errors before customers do

With Quantum Metric in pre-production, identify issues before you deploy. Now, that's lowering MTTI/MTTR.

Diagnose performance issues before production

Why wait to watch performance take a dip? Measure page and resource performance before you deploy.

Reproduce errors with effortless replays

Share a link to an exact point in a replay, with all the technical details needed to diagnose. Teamwork, simplified.

Detect Errors

Monitor Performance

View Replay

Measure KPIs after every release

Track KPIs after every release, experiment, feature flag, system migration… you get the idea.

Quantify and prioritize critical issues

Make the business case for product improvements—by instantly quantifying the customer and business impact.

Engage and rescue in real-time

Proactively engage visitors, rescue struggling customers, or enrich data based on real-time behaviors.

Track Releases

Identify Pops and Drops

Monitor Performance


Enable organization-wide product discovery

One data set, dozen of dashboards, all your teams. Gain instant visibility into whether product iterations hit the mark.

Quantify the impact of customer complaints

Customers ever say: “Your website sucks”? Oof. Immediately “see more like it” to quantify the impact across all customers.

Empower agents to co-browse

With real-time replays, agents can watch user sessions live to solve problems faster. Make the most of every second.

Share Dashboards

Integrate Surveys

Prioritize Replays

See Continuous Product Design in Action

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