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Customer experience is your competitive advantage. Enable your organization to succeed by employing a customer-centric culture and innovating ahead of customer expectations.

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The rise of the silent majority

Direct feedback channels are dwindling. Expand your scope of signals to truly understand your customers. Through Quantum Metric’s unique behavioral data set, you can surface and quantify frustration even if your customer never says a thing. Capture sentiment and behavior for all of your customers.

Empower the voice of the customer

We partner with leading VoC and survey platforms to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ From any piece of survey feedback, watch the session replay, and identify a point of struggle or error. Once identified, quantify that error against your entire population with our ‘see more like this’ quantification. 

Quantum Metric brings us guest empathy and insight into the development process. It ensures we make good products, good decisions, and good investments.

-Troy Kaser | Managing Director e-Commerce, Alaska Airlines

Proactive at scale

Leverage Quantum Metric’s real-time behavioral indicators to turn a potentially negative experience into an experience that improves customer LTV. By integrating with customer feedback, customer data platforms, and A/B/n testing tools, you can personalize your customer’s experience in real-time. 

Quantum Metric isn't just a session replay solution, its all the other data and analytics that's led to a seismic shift in how we approach customer experience feedback.

-Jason Lewkowicz | Manager of VoC, International Hotel Group

How do customer experience leaders use Quantum Metric?

Seamless VoC Integrations

Integrate with VoC to associate sessions with survey response and activate intercept surveys based on customer behavior.

Real-Time Replay

Agents can help customers faster by watching their sessions live, enabling more personalized engagements and speedy resolution.

One Click Quantification

Spot an area of struggle in an individual session? Who else is experiencing this issue and what is it costing you? Answer these questions in seconds.

See how the platform works

Customer Experience teams use Quantum Metric to answer these business questions:

  • How can I quantify the impact of a single issue piece of feedback on our seat selection page?
  • How can I sense struggle with the new check-in flow in our native application?

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  • How can I understand how users feel about the new bill pay portal even if they don’t leave feedback? 
  • How do I engage users with the right cable offer at the right time, based on behavior?

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Financial Services
  • How can I correlate NPS responses with business impact in order to prioritize?
  • How do I keep my client’s data secure while analyzing their sessions?

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