Building customer understanding across web and mobile with Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus partnered with Quantum Metric to optimize its web and mobile experiences with real-time visibility into the customer experience.






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Visualizing insights from more than 73% of mobile traffic

Improved digital prioritization and speed to insight

Speed to insight from web to mobile.

The benefits of the speed to insights that Quantum Metric can deliver has been critical to changing the way the team works with data, especially on mobile. 

In one instance, Aer Lingus discovered the messaging to customers when flights weren’t available was leading to a significant sales loss. The messaging to customers about flights not being available was neither user friendly nor informative. With Quantum Metric, the team was able to identify which routes it was happening on and understand the business impact to prioritize the fix with development teams.

“Before Quantum Metric we simply didn’t have enough visibility into our mobile experience. Bearing in mind how central mobile is to our future strategy, that simply wasn’t an option. Quantum Metric is going to allow us to build an experience that’s every bit as good on mobile as it is on desktop.”

Dave O’Donnovan/Chief Digital and Information Officer, Aer Lingus

A closer look at the customer journey. 

 Prior to Quantum Metric, the airline operator worked with a traditional analytics platform that could inform them of what was happening, but not why. Exclusively relying on data from Voice of Customer feedback, Aer Lingus risked prioritizing the needs of the loudest customers, rather focusing on the products that would have the broadest impact. VoC survey feedback also took time to collect, putting the airline in a consistently reactive position. 

Aer Lingus chose to partner with Quantum Metric for greater insight into customers journeys. This helped the airline to have a view of what’s working and what’s not, from one customer to all customers, within minutes.

“Even pre-pandemic it was clear to us that customer centricity was key to our future. We needed to establish an emotional connection with our customers and make them care about who they were flying with. For this reason, working with Quantum Metric to develop digital products that are based on customers’ own emotional interaction was completely in line with the business strategy.”

Dave O’Donnovan/Chief Digital and Information Officer, Aer Lingus

Identifying ancillary frustrations. 

Using the Quantum Metric platform, the airline team found a significant drop-off for check-ins, specifically where check-ins involved any ancillary purchases. When half of ancillary sales are failing at check-in, there’s a clear and urgent need to prioritize a fix. Quantum Metric demonstrated the issue with check-ins clearly, allowing for an immediate fix.

“Previously, it would have been difficult to tell what went wrong. I would have been comparing this weeks’ data or this month’s data to the previous week or month, or even from last year. Now I can give a definitive answer with confidence.”

Stewart Hand/Service Delivery Manager, Aer Lingus