Alaska Airlines streamlines the contact center with real-time observability.

The airline partnered with Quantum Metric to reduce helpdesk and engineering troubleshooting while improving guest outcomes.


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Reduced call center time.

Reduced issue resolution time.

Improved employee experience.

Reducing call center costs by prioritizing issues.

With teams across product, engineering, support, call center, and design using Quantum Metric, Alaska Airlines has been able to streamline their support & engineering processes.

By integrating Quantum Metric into their teams’ workflows, Alaska has seen improvements across a variety of business metrics.


  • Reduce call center time: Agents can now ask when callers visited Alaska’s site, find their session in Quantum Metric using a mileage number, and replay it for troubleshooting.
  • Reduce helpdesk time: Agents log issues with a linked replay pinpointing the exact moment of friction. The digital team also trains them to report how many guests face similar issues using Quantum Metric’s “see more like this” functionality.
  • Reduce engineering time: Engineers receive tickets with replay links, eliminating the need to reproduce problems—they can swiftly address defects and view all technical details paired with the replay.

“With Quantum, we’re helping our product teams decide where to prioritize, where the biggest win is, where the biggest value is.”

Jessi Lewis eCommerce /Manager, Technical Product Delivery

Internal app visibility for better employee experience.

The Alaska team also uses Quantum Metric for improving its in-person experience at airports. Alaska Airlines has deployed Quantum Metric across their internal CSA app to give them insight into where in-airport personnel run into application friction. Alaska can then address those areas so that employees can help travelers better check-in, board, and enjoy the overall flight experience.