How Bass Pro Shops turned out-of-stocks into new opportunities.

The retailer worked with Quantum Metric to boost overall conversion rate and revenue, as well as reduce churn, if they helped customers easily find alternative products.


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Improved A/B test effectiveness.

8% conversion rate increase.

Reduced shopper churn.

Understanding and empathizing with the customer.

Bass Pro Shop’s digital team noticed a high bounce rate on their site, especially search traffic from Google. Using Quantum Metric, they discovered that customers were directed to product pages for out-of-stock items. They needed to create a solution for when similar out-of-stock issues occurred down the line. 

Making a hypothesis and testing new experience features.

Bass Pro Shop wondered if enabling alternative product recommendations for when an item was out-of-stock would boost conversions and customer loyalty. They posed the following hypothesis: What if we could intercept these customers and push them to a substitute “published” product page via a modal instead? 

Using the Quantum Metric platform, Bass Pro Shop quantified how many users were impacted and performed an A/B test to test their hypothesis. 


  • A/B test showed that adding a “Shop Similar Items” button led to an 8% uplift in conversion rate, correlating to millions in incremental annual top line revenue. 
  • Fewer customers were leaving Bass Pro Shop’s website when they couldn’t find the item they were originally looking for. 

“Since working with Quantum Metric, we’ve been able to discover new opportunities in the customer journey that meaningfully improve the customer experience, while also boosting revenue. The platform has helped us understand that seemingly small UX design choices can have an outsized impact on customer satisfaction.”

Doug Cadmus /Senior Manager of E-commerce

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