BetVictor optimizes conversion funnel to grow online bets

With Quantum Metric, the BetVictor team optimized the betslip experience, gained visibility on data collection, and improved their customer feedback rate.








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36% increase in sessions with successful bet placements.

3% increase in conversion rate for betslip funnel.

10% increase in click and completion rate

Designing and launching a seamless betslip funnel.

BetVictor has been rolling out a new version of its betslip to ease existing friction and make it easier for users to place bets, especially during in-play betting. The product team used Quantum Metric to help guide the new version’s design and ensure a safe and smooth roll-out. 

Session engagement has risen across the BetVictor site and the betslip funnel itself has seen a 3% increase in its conversion rate. As a result, sessions with successful bet placement have increased by more than 36%.

“In our business, the betslip is essentially the shopping cart, so it’s absolutely vital that we have data- driven insights around its performance at all times. Quantum Metric is providing us that oversight in a very user-friendly way.”

Eoin Ryan/Director of Sportsbook

Adjusting copy for instant impact.

Know Your Customer (KYC) data is some of the most valuable data any gaming company needs to collect, from a player protection perspective, a regulatory perspective, and a fraud prevention perspective.

Before Quantum Metric, BetVictor didn’t have significant visibility into how many customers were interacting with KYC data request banners used in registration. After creating Quantum Metric dashboards, the Quality Assurance team realized one geographic region had a 10 – 14% higher click rate than the rest.

Optimisation to boost customer feedback.

Before Quantum Metric, the Voice of Customer (VoC) team understood its survey completion rate was low but didn’t know why. With the platform, they learned that many customers believed going through the survey was the way to get in touch with customer service. At the same time, the team also discovered some friction and slow-down points that were occurring in the survey process. 

By streamlining these, optimizing the feedback form, and clarifying the purpose of the survey across all sites, the VoC team achieved a 29% uplift in survey completion rate.

“On previous systems, if we wanted to find the root cause of a problem like this, it would have taken days and been time-consuming and tedious. Using Quantum Metric, it only took a few hours to find out what was happening across the board.”

Mimi Peters/Head of Quality Strategies at BetVictor