How Chalhoub Group boosted conversions by visualizing customer needs.

With Quantum Metric, Chalhoub Group understands how customer journeys differ across its portfolio of brands. 








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44% conversion drop error fixed in a few hours.

Immediate conversion increases

Reduced time to resolution

Insights in minutes, not weeks.

Supporting a wide portfolio of retail brands, Chalhoub Group needed a fast and efficient way to understand the context behind each customer journey and its impact on the business. In the past, getting to the root cause of customer frustrations or digital errors could take weeks, impacting the organization’s ability to retain customers and grow revenue. 

With Quantum Metric, Chalhoub Group now has complete visibility across its customer experiences, enabling teams to quickly pinpoint how to resolve errors or frustrations.

“Quantum Metric has supported us in identifying problems and initiating efficient solutions to continue enhancing the customer experience. By speeding time to resolution, the team and brands can now focus resources on proactive development rather than finding and fixing problems.”

Tomasz Mazur /Head of Digital Tech, Chalhoub Group


  • Minimizing checkout errors: A payment error was occurring on the backend, preventing customers from completing their transaction, but not notifying them there was an issue.The error led to a 33% conversion rate drop, quantified as being worth a potential SAR 224,400 (GBP 50,500) annualized opportunity. With Quantum Metric, the error was fixed in a matter of hours.
  • Uncovering design friction: Quantum Metric identified a large drop off and found when a customer was attempting to purchase, a message was being shown that the order could not be placed in a text box that was almost unreadable. The error resulted in 44% of recipients dropping out of conversions, with a potential annual value to the brand of AED 427,700 (GBP 98,500).
  • Optimizing integrations: Quantum Metric found that the translation system for Arabic was creating unneeded friction, changing layouts, preventing pop-ups from fitting on the page, or causing errors as users tried to input address details in Arabic. These insights helped the team to reevaluation their translation services and make a needed pivot. 

“Quantum Metric showed us that our Arabic services weren’t working the way they should. The drop-offs were directly impacting conversion rates. With the right understanding, we prioritized investment in in-house Arabic speaking expertise, made some simple small adjustments and delivered an almost immediate conversion increase. ”

Sarah Evans/Head of eCommerce and Mobile Product, Chalhoub Group

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