Domestic & General uses real-time data to meet digital OKRs.

The insurance company unites GA with Quantum Metric to smooth errors and increase conversion rates.






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Resolved issue impacting 7% of users.

Reduced time to identify from days to hours.

Reducing roadblocks on the payments page.

Domestic & General’s key digital business initiatives aligned under their main goal: to drive online growth. One facet of this growth is by increasing the amount of plans being sold through the website.

When the marketing team raised a concern about the underperformance of an email campaign on the offers and renewals website, the analytics team found in Google Analytics that a specific error pop up was occurring on the payments page but could not understand why. This was a significant pain point as any friction in the payment process could lead to abandoned plan purchases.

By using Quantum Metric, the team was able to discover that missing “why”: 

  1. The back end configuration was not set up properly for certain products 
  2. The data platform was not capturing customers’ email addresses effectively.

Using the detailed technical information paired with the session replays in the platform, the team was able to decrypt the API call and pass on the details to the developers. Armed with this, the team was able to resolve the issues and see improvements immediately.


  • 1 in 3 email sessions experienced the error, impacting approximately 7% of users, resulting in 1.8k instances of lost plans. 
  • D&G had set an objective to increase the conversion rate by 17%—achieving this hinged on resolving the error promptly.
  • Discovered and resolved the API 500 error on the payments page.

“The out-of-the-box experience indicators Quantum Metric provides, alongside Google Analytics, allows our teams to prioritize what to fix first and improve the overall customer experience.”

Vipul Chhabra/Chief Data & Underwriting Officer

“Without Quantum Metric, it would take at least a few days for us to identify this critical issue versus just the few hours it actually took.”

Vicki Chan/Senior Digital Analyst

Diverse digital stakeholders.

The analytics team uses Quantum Metric’s real-time data to also help the product team understand what is working, what is not, and where optimization is required. Together, they conduct extensive A/B testing and optimization efforts to align the website performance with company objectives.

But D&G has many users outside of the analytics team, including front end and back end developers, product designers, members of the data team, product owners, product managers, digital marketing, contact center personnel, and even executives. The cross-organization participation ensures data-driven alignment.

“With Quantum Metric, we’ve seen a number of small wins across domains and teams that are driving to a much larger expected impact for our organization and our customers.”

Priyan Lad/Lead Digital Analyst