Extra Space Storage enhances visibility across native app & web.

How Quantum Metric uncovers problems, delivers context, and provides guidance during the full-replatform of Extra Space Storage’s digital offering.








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Reduced call center time.

Reduced issue resolution time.

Improved employee experience.

Quantifying and resolving issues to eliminate customer friction.

The product team at Extra Space manages a digital suite including their point of sale system, call center application, and self-service portal. When an issue would surface, their customers would submit tickets without including screenshots or additional details. This lack of context meant issues would often be unable to replicate. By teaming up with Quantum Metric, Extra Space team members can quantify issues and show why they are a priority. Since leveraging Quantum Metric, Extra Space can conduct quantifiable reviews of issues that occur in their products and prioritize fixes. 


  • Less questions, more context: Extra Spaces Storage’s legacy technology would make them watch session after session, which made replication exceedingly difficult. With Quantum Metric, teams can immediately get the detail they need. 
  • Increase native app visibility: Extra Spaces Storage’s mobile app team uses the Quantum Metric platform to get real-time data and review session replays for its native app. Quantum Metrics page analytics capabilities helped the team discover pieces of the UX design that may not have been necessarily intuitive.
  • Assist with A/B testing: Since insurance is part of Extra Space Storage’s service, it’s important for the business to understand why customers are opting out. Quantum Metric plays a major role in being able to test future iterations and A/B testing those conversions.

“From a development perspective, Quantum Metric is a lifesaver. I can’t count the number of times we were unable to replicate issues in the past, and now I can see exactly what happened.”

Brian Van Ausdal/Senior Product Manager

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