Ferry company cruises to potential $9 million savings in one day.

 Instead of sinking, Quantum Metric helped the company proactively find and fix problems during the full replatform of its digital offering.


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Reduced call center volume.

Reduced payment page load time.

Increased monitoring and alerting.

Reducing call center volume through Voice of Customer data.

A sudden influx of calls into the call center over a two week period suggested a possible problem during the customer booking process. In combination, the ferry company team also saw its NPS and CSat scores dropping. Following the launch of various marketing campaigns, site visits and bookings were up, so the data wasn’t immediately clear.

The team checked on Quantum Metric, and in the space of just one day, managed to reproduce and pinpoint the problem—a long running spinner when trying to confirm payment from tablets.


  • Reduce call center volume: Even though site visits and bookings were up, customers were moving from the website to cell center in droves. Traditionally high conversion rates had dropped by up to 30%, and over the space of a year, this would have meant a potential loss of $9 million to the business. Using Quantum Metric data, the eCommerce and development teams were able to collaborate and fix the issue the following working day.
  • Proactively monitor through experience alerts: In just a couple of weeks, load time on pay pages had gone from an average of 1.5 minutes to spiking at over 4 minutes. By recreating the issue on a tablet and examining the problem in Quantum Metric, the team discovered a recent code release resulted in API errors, making payment more difficult.