Fiverr improves the digital marketplace journey.

The Israeli online marketplace for freelance services partnered with Quantum Metric to optimize product performance and center the experience around the customer.


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Increased clarity on low NPS.

Minimized tech errors with BigQuery integration.

Focused cross-functional teams on improving the customer experience.

Understanding critical triggers in customer feedback.

The Fiverr Voice of Customer (VOC) team saw a trend in low NPS submissions coming from the ‘settings’ page but were not certain as to why—the page design and performance were working as expected.

With Quantum Metric’s session replay, the team was able to click into a specific user journey from one of the low NPS submissions and see that it was actually the billing page that was causing frustration. They could see that customers were unable to view all of the invoices in their portfolio as listed—a conclusion they would not have reached previously.

Improving UX by minimizing technical errors.

In order to improve conversion rates, the Fiverr team was looking to understand and minimize payment page errors. Quantum Metric enabled the team to identify a technical error that was impacting users at the final stage of payment and getting served a ‘something went wrong’ message. The platform calculated that this error segment saw a conversion rate of 63% versus the average of 82% which led the team to dive in and investigate. The team was also able to validate and compare the issue by accessing their raw Quantum Metric data through Google BigQuery.

Confirming the path to better performance.

Looking to upgrade their servers for resiliency, the Fiverr team implemented an AB test to validate a positive impact on application performance. The team utilized Quantum Metric to track their main KPI of page load times across the control group and test group. After running the experiment, Quantum Metric’s data confirmed a positive correlation between performance in the test group and even identified which API calls were slower in the main control group.

Driving cross-team alignment.

With over 50 active users of Quantum Metric, Fiverr strives to continually improve their customer experience with teams across the organization using the platform including Analytics, VOC, UX and Design, Engineering, and Product.

“Quantum Metric has enabled us with the visibility to go beyond the data and into the actual customer experience. We now have an instant understanding of the issues and opportunities throughout the digital journey to continuously improve.”

Eran Abikhzer-Agam/EVP Data

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