A Fortune 500 retail chain understands every customer journey in real-time.

With Quantum Metric, the retail brand can monitor, diagnose, and optimize their experience at the pace of customer demand.








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10% increase in customer reviews.

Fast rollout and implementation of needed changes.

Improved proactive monitoring across teams.

Real-time monitoring of feature rollouts.

Focused on optimizing their buy online, pick up in store (BOPiS) process, the team set up a dashboard in Quantum Metric  to understand how users were interacting with the new features. They uncovered an opportunity where customers were converting at a lower rate if it noted that store pickup was unavailable. This enabled the team to quickly test and roll out new messaging to clarify that shoppers can select another store location and boost conversions. 

“The capabilities of Quantum Metric were better than anything we had seen to date. We used to have to fish for information but now we can proactively review opportunities with the alerts and dashboards in Quantum Metric. Product and engineering teams use the platform daily to review any critical system or experience issues on a daily basis.”
Vice President, E-commerce Product Management, Fortune 500 retailer. 

Diagnosing for a modern web architecture.

The team at the major retailer was looking for a solution that could support their web framework, as well as their single-page architecture application. The previous toolset was slow and caused usability issues, leading to a low adoption rate across the organization. Quantum Metric was the only solution that worked with single-page architecture.The result not only improved the ability to diagnose customer issues, but build adoption and alignment across teams on what to prioritize. 

“My team is responsible for launching a product or feature that delivers the necessary experience our customers need to solve their problems. Quantum Metric is one of the key solutions in our overall iteration process which helps us review customer interactions at a page level.”
Vice President, E-commerce Product Management, Fortune 500 retailer. 

Optimizing the review experience.

Reviews drive the modern purchase process and the retailer wanted to collect as many ratings and reviews on products as possible. With Quantum Metric they could see the mandatory ‘nickname’ field was causing customers to abandon their review. By removing the field, review completion went up by 10%.