A top gaming company improves customer acquisition.

The international sports betting and gambling company uses Quantum Metric to refine registration, VoC strategy, and A/B testing for bet placement gains.


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$1.7M opportunity identified

Increased bet placement

Dozens of actionable improvements to increase conversion

Building a seamless registration flow.

One of the operator’s primary challenges is ensuring a smooth registration process. “Getting 1,000 new visitors to your site through top-class marketing doesn’t matter if half of them drop off registration without completing it,” explains the director of Customer Experience and Engagement. 

They partnered with Quantum Metric to get a deeper understanding of the player experience across its websites, and to help improve registration and re-login flows. During an eight-week insights program, teams including UX, product, customer support, and even exec levels, uncovered 40 actionable insights into how thousands of customers weren’t interacting in the ways they expected.


  • Increased annual revenue by $1.7 million by removing friction conversion blocking.
  • Discovered a high drop off rate of 6% at one particular stage of registration. Looking more deeply, we found there were six potential reasons for this, ranging from technical to a user mistake. 
  • By making information requirements clearer, changing page design and clearing up engineering issues that cause the problem, they fixed the issue.
  • The team also discovered an API timeout causing 78% of potential customers to not complete registration.

Gaining proactive VoC strategy. 

The operator also incorporated Quantum Metric into its Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution.


  • Teams can now review any user experiences via session replay, pinpoint issue root cause, quantify how many other people were encountering the same issue as well as business impact, and prioritize the fix.
  • Operator now has new visibility into day-to-day AB testing processes.
  • One particular technical problem impacted 1,900 customers over just 10 days. Fixing the issue has a potential bet placement increase of $76,000 over just this short period.

“When we’re creating our services, we think we know how our customers are going to use them, but we’re not always right. It’s up to us to continuously develop our products to fit them, rather than expecting them to change to fit us. Achieving this sort of empathy is difficult without the right tools, and Quantum Metric has helped uncover those unknowns. ”

Director of Customer Experience and Engagement/Gaming Company

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