Investment firm accelerates issue resolution.

The company worked with Quantum Metric to streamline customer feedback, reduce resolution time, and enhance cross-team visibility.


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Months to same day resolution time

Alignment across teams.

Quantifying customer feedback.

Fresh off a transition between Voice of Customer providers, the digital team at the investment

management company was looking to gain deeper context and visibility into their customer feedback.

“We thought we only needed a session replay tool, but, when we discovered Quantum Metric, we realized it offers so much more,” said the AVP, Lead Manager of VOC, Client & Market Research. “With the platform, we can easily expand beyond the initial submitted survey and quantify how many other customers are experiencing that same issue—while one person might be telling us about a problem, it’s actually affecting thousands of clients.”

Accelerated time to resolve issues.

In one case, the team used Quantum Metric to identify the session of a Qualtrics survey submission, validate the issue, identify multiple root causes and prioritize a fix on the same day. “In the past, this would have taken weeks or even months between the client leaving the complaint and us identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the fix.”


  • Reduced identification and resolution time from potentially months to a single day.
“We were previously relying on the survey data to point us in the right direction. Now, we can depend more on the data from Quantum Metric to help us identify and quantify the big issues and pain points so we can then tackle those first.”

Cross-team digital visibility.

Quantum Metric has given the team the validation needed to push cross-team communication and issue resolution across the finish line. Instead of just having one customer survey to reference, they can now share with IT the calculated impact analytics and then the visualization for helping find the root cause immediately.

“The platform is being used across the digital team to measure and improve upon digital client experiences,” said the AVP. “Plus, it is super user friendly where folks from all levels can just log in and quickly see all these different relevant metrics to then hone in on different parts of the journey to adapt and improve the experience.”