Korean Air improves app store rating from 2.9 to 4.6.

Aspiring to be the most respected airline in the world, Korean Air partnered with Quantum Metric to help make digital changes toward more customer-centricity.


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Increased app store rating from 2.9 to 4.6.

Reduced time to fix from days to hours.

Increased app stability.

Hurdles to native app excellence.

When the team initially launched their new app, it was clear that it wasn’t working as it should. Kenny Chang, Korean Air Executive VP and CMO said, “App Store reviews were lukewarm, user adoption was lower than we wanted, and call center call levels were up. Unfortunately, our existing analytics tools didn’t have the ability to show us what was happening in depth, either on our website or on app.”

Quantum Metric partnered with Korean Air and the platform quickly started uncovering insights into app performance and user experience. 


  • In one instance, two percent of all visitors who were trying to confirm payment were being presented with an error in which Korean Air was ‘unable to create an order.’ These same users were then sent back to the search page to begin again. Over the space of seven days this affected 1,000 sessions—potential revenue loss from more than 50,000 sessions in a year, likely worth millions of dollars, as well as a very negative customer experience.


“Using Quantum Metric, our dev team managed to reproduce the problem instantly, pinpoint exactly how many users were experiencing it, and find out what was causing it. It was fixed in hours. In this one insight, the Quantum Metric partnership paid for itself in less than a month.”

Kenny Chang/Executive VP and CMO

Contact center coverage leads to improved reviews. 

While Korean Air began by using Quantum Metric as a solution for their product teams, they quickly discovered value for their customer service team as well. According to Jinsoo Ko, product manager at Korean Air, “Complaints are handled faster, and time to investigate and fix issues has decreased drastically. For me, Quantum Metric is like the Apple of customer experience viewing. It’s easy and a real pleasure to use. We can quickly understand what’s going on and take action, it’s cool.” 


  • Smoother conversations: The team has had improved customer interactions paired with better visibility.
  • Faster fixes: Time to identify and resolve issues has gone from over two days down to a matter of hours.
  • App stability increase: Any single instance of a crash can be examined and, if necessary, fixed immediately. 
  • Raving reviews: Negative reviews have dropped off and positive ones are driving increased app uptake and use.


“Following optimization using Quantum Metric insights, the Korean Air app-store rating has risen from 2.9 up to 4.6.”

Jinsoo Ko/Product Manager

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