A luxury retailer gains real-time customer data beyond the helpdesk.

The brand worked with Quantum Metric to create site monitoring and reporting for their journeys.


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Reduced helpdesk resolution time.

Achieved single source of truth on customer friction.

Decreased user abandonment rate.

Proactively flagging and fixing issues through customer visibility.

Before Quantum Metric, the company primarily learned of customer experience friction from the customer service desk. According to its Head of Digital Customer Experience, this wasn’t the optimal solution they were looking for; “We work with third party suppliers all across the world, and we needed to be able to tie them to the customer data we were getting through the helpdesk. This led to developers attempting to reproduce individual customer experiences, which is rarely an easy or fast thing to do.”

The company used Quantum Metric to create site monitoring, reporting, and session replay functionality to highlight customer journeys and friction points.


  • Decrease user abandonment: Through the use of session replays, the retail brand was able to identify that despite showing genuine interest in further browsing, customers were having difficulty clicking from Product Detail Pages through to a full collection view and were also hitting 404 pages. With Quantum Metric, the luxury retail brand set up redirects to ensure visitors had the best experience on the site.
  • Reduce helpdesk time: Instead of having information relayed by Customer Service through complaints, Quantum Metric allowed the team to quickly pinpoint the date that instances started.

“Quantum Metric really gives us the data to help guide our future product development.”

Guiding future product development.

Use of the Quanum Metric within the company has quickly become commonplace. So popular has the heat mapping feature become that it’s now a staple part of weekly reporting and is requested at all levels of the business as a means to measure success. By incorporating Quantum Metric at the beginning of the test process, teams can clearly see what customers interact with and have data to help guide what products to make next.