How a major quick-service restaurant satisfies digital self-service needs.

The QSR worked with Quantum Metric to improve the in-store kiosk and online ordering experience.


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8% conversion rate boost.

Improved kiosk experience.

Reduced online friction.

Alleviating in-store kiosk friction.

A top quick service restaurant (QSRs) chose Quantum Metric to analyze and optimize the performance of their in-store kiosk experience. Using Quantum Metric, the company’s digital optimization team was able to locate exact sources of customer friction that lead to slower customer service and frustrated customers. 

They then brought these issues to development, operations, product owners, UX designers, and other key stakeholders for cross-enterprise collaboration—iterating on corrective version releases faster.

Inactive order button blocker.

With Quantum Metric, the company discovered that its diners were encountering multiple page-level friction points that were impeding their ability to order and redeem high-profile promotions—and negatively impacting revenues.

Specifically, the company found that some diners wishing to place an order were hitting an inactive order button, lowering conversions on that page by nearly 20%. 


  • After the issue identified by Quantum Metric was resolved by the team, instances of friction dropped by a whopping 96%.
  • Conversions grew by nearly 8% in just the first week.

Eliminating promo friction to boost conversion.

In another instance, Quantum Metric exposed a friction point that was resulting in a nearly 50% drop in promotion code conversions, and a sales promotion error that was causing widespread customer dissatisfaction and brand damage. Both were quickly rectified by the company.

“Being able to dissect our API calls and have a beautiful platform to showcase the information just blew us away. We become more and more impressed with Quantum Metric every day.”

– Senior UX Manager