Radisson Hotel Group transforms digital operations from the inside out.

Radisson Hotel Group enhanced employee and guest experiences leading to an annualized increase in revenue.






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Reduced check-in & booking error rates to under 1%

Reduced average check-in time

<30 sec ticket submission time

Transforming digital experiences at Radisson Hotel Group.

Radisson Hotel Group leveraged Quantum Metric to optimize both guest and employee digital experiences, enhancing operational efficiency and user satisfaction. This allowed Radisson Hotel Group to streamline operations, improve employee workflows, and enhance guest interactions, aligning with their goal of creating a customer-centric culture in the hospitality industry.

Starting with the employee experience.

Quantum Metric’s capabilities were instrumental in Radisson Hotel Group’s transition from an in-house legacy system to the newly developed Emma V2. Using Quantum Metric the team was able to see that a significant number of users were accessing an outdated support ticket URL with slow performance, which led to low adoption by employees. By addressing this with targeted communications and system adjustments, the team not only got employees using the right URL, but also improved perception of their new system. Additionally, session replay features helped identify unnecessary steps in the check-in process, which, when removed, reduced the average transaction time by at least 51 seconds, all of those seconds happening directly in front of a guest at the front desk.

“Quantum Metric has revolutionized the way we support our team, enabling a digital-first approach that aligns with the agility and efficiency we strive for at Radisson Hotel Group. This shift not only enhances the employee experience but also indirectly enhances guest satisfaction by optimizing our internal systems.”

Patrick Apostolo/Director of Operations and Business Transformation

Improving the guest experience on the web, mobile, and front desk kiosks.

The implementation of Quantum Metric led to a drastic reduction in digital leakage, streamlined guest interactions, and enhanced data-driven decision-making.

For example, Quantum Metric provided the visibility for the team to determine that a small error in their online booking form was preventing approximately 2.5% of reservations from being completed. Fixing this reduced the errors to less than 1%, leading to an annualized increase in revenue.

Using Quantum Metric has also streamlined the check in and check out process in the hotel, allowing the guest to get on with their travel as quickly as possible. Improving the entire customer journey on the Radisson Hotels mobile app through data-driven decision making, has led to substantial operational improvements and cost savings.

The ability to quickly resolve issues and optimize digital interactions has also contributed to an increase in guest satisfaction and loyalty. 

“Quantum Metric has become a cornerstone of our digital strategy, from internal operations to guest-facing applications. Its widespread use across our platforms is a testament to its versatility and impact, helping us not only meet but exceed our digital transformation goals.”

Patrick Apostolo/Director of Operations and Business Transformation