A shoe brand identifies a $5M opportunity after replatforming.

The brand partnered with Quantum Metric to improve visibility, diagnose issues, and understand the impact.


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Gained real-time conversion visibility

Identified over $5M in abandoned cart value

UX issues causing high intent abandonment.

The national shoe chain had upgraded to a new version of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and saw conversion drop by nearly 25%. Its ecommerce team felt paralyzed as months of hard work seemed to have an adverse impact on customers and revenue.

When it came to connecting the dots between user experience issues, there was a “disconnect in communication between the functional and technical teams.” 

After bringing on Quantum Metric, their ecommerce team instantly gained better visibility into the user experience. The platform’s unique data set helped the team identify technical issues and design impediments almost immediately after deployment. 


  • Within a few days, Quantum Metric identified over $5 million in annual abandoned cart value from customers who showed high intent by clicking “Place Order” but did not convert due to a general checkout error.
  • The problem was due to a UX issue: Customers missed an earlier necessary checkout step and kept clicking the “Place Order” button that was shown too early. Quantum Metric detected the rage clicks, measured its impact, and ranked the error based on its annual opportunity value.

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