How a top 10 bank drives agile transformation.

Using Quantum Metric, the bank quantified and prioritized its product backlog to focus on what impacted the business most.






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Instant quantification of digital errors.

Reduced friction for mobile users.

Minimized call volumes to the contact center.

Instant impact on product pipeline. 

A top 10 bank was struggling to prioritize its product backlog. The team was spending too much time understanding the impact on its customer experience and manually triangulating data across surveys, error logs, call center, and more.

With Quantum Metric, the bank immediately discovered the impact of instant quantification and prioritization. The teams that access Quantum Metric on a regular basis have expanded to include: Product, DevOps, IT, CX, Insights, and Marketing. The ability to tie together multiple sources of data has been a key driver of the bank’s digital transformation.

“We’re realigning how we approach the customer journey and moving towards a more agile, customer-centric structure where product teams own an entire journey. We rely on Quantum Metric’s real-time and cross-platform insights in order to move at the speed needed to be agile. ”

Head of Digital Product Management/Top 10 Bank

From visibility to instant quantification.

For instance, the mobile app team is continuously identifying ways to improve the mobile

check deposit flow. Because of a deposit limit of $5,000, customers who attempted to deposit a check exceeding that amount would see an error. 

The team set up an event in Quantum Metric to capture each time that error message fired. Within hours, the team instantly validated their hypothesis: 1000s of customers saw this error every day. The deposit completion rate was 5% for this segment versus the normal rate of 85%. 

Within days, the team defined a hypothesis, set up an event to capture data, and determined that a messaging improvement could reduce friction and potentially prevent a call to its call center.

“It used to take weeks to configure an event and 10-20 emails to validate an issue. Now with Quantum Metric, we’re able to identify, verify, and improve the user experience so much faster. ”

Head of Digital Product Management/Top 10 Bank

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