Vista transforms its global customer experience with Quantum Metric.

Focused on being the one of the world’s leading digital analytics-driven companies, Vista utilizes Quantum Metric to help them build a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end customer journey and identify how different moments influence customer behavior.







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Global replatforming support.

10% increase in mobile conversions.

20% improved PayPal user conversion.

The replatforming initiative.

As part of its continuing digitization process, Vista undertook a global replatforming initiative. To maximize its effectiveness, Vista partnered with Quantum Metric to establish a view of the customer experience that connected their site analytics to individual customer experiences. This helped teams not just understand, but actively empathize with customer frustrations and quantify the impact of the issue on the overall business.


  • Scaleable insights: Using customer insight from smaller pilot launches, the organization felt more prepared for rollouts in larger geographies, such as the UK and Canada. For example, in Australia, Vista saw the number of high satisfaction digital customers double between Q4, 2020 and Q1, 2021.
  • Cross-organization visibility: Vista’s analytics team sends weekly customer satisfaction reports across the organization. The reports are contextualized through Quantum Metric’s session replay, helping teams to easily empathize and prioritize customer needs.

“Working with Quantum Metric, we’ve been able to provide the same level of technical support globally, regardless of our team make-up in each region. This allows us to identify issues and make changes on a global scale, rather than having to put in the time and resources to make individual changes in different markets.”

Drew Forster/Director of Analytics

Meeting mobile needs.

Before Quantum Metric, Vista struggled to understand new mobile user behavior, especially when it came to users not reaching the end of the mobile funnel. Their Product, UX, and Engineering teams lacked the necessary insight on the new platform to solve these problems quickly.

With Quantum Metric, they were able to view the experience in real-time and capture learnings.


  1. When viewing Paypal products that feature quick QR codes for customer payment, Vista discovered only 30% of mobile visitors scrolled down the page to see popular items. In response, the team reorganized the page to have more popular products at the top, leading to an average 10% increase in conversions.
  2. The team made mobile usability changes which impacted the new platform mobile studio completion rate (i.e. customers who completed their design on mobile), to now be 9% higher than the old platform.

Improving PayPal KPIs.

Vista allows small businesses to modify their checkout pages with PayPal as a payment option. With Quantum Metric, the team found that page views on the PayPal workflow were down 44%. Using Quantum Metric’s session replay, Vista discovered that small business owners were not clicking on the “Revision” link to modify their payment workflow—or were even aware of it. Once Vista offered a UX update for the revision option, their funnel drop rate improved 13%, and the number of customers who requested a revision improved from 2% to 15%.

After addressing the initial challenge, Vista discovered yet another opportunity to improve the workflow: 50% of users did not move to the “Review” stage. Vista created a model to discover which events were predictive of not moving to the “Review” stage. In some cases, the customer was using a device where the “Review” link was not accessible.The team updated the user experience to accommodate all browsers and devices and these changes improved the conversion rate by 20%.

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