Vitacost achieves cross-functional collaboration to prioritize customers.

The online health retailer worked with Quantum Metric to rapidly expand the use of customer-centric insights across roles to build true organizational alignment.








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24% increase in conversions

Increase in ROI

Alignment across teams

Uncovering and prioritizing checkout barriers.

Before Quantum Metric, Vitacost had a more manual process for business prioritization and their existing technologies didn’t allow developers to dig deep enough to understand the root cause.

Now with Quantum Metric, Vitacost uses real-time session replay and heat mapping to watch how customers navigate through the product and identify potential errors. Armed with the right visualizations in hand, the Vitacost team has been able to confidently quantify the impact of potential business opportunities and prioritize updates based on what would most benefit the business’ bottom line, from small bug fixes to major design improvements.

This has been critical for areas of the customer journey such as checkout, where Quantum Metric was able to uncover a barrier for users that had previously saved credit cards and were looking to use a new form of payment. A technical error was found to be blocking these customers from completing their payment. 


  • With the right understanding and a simple fix, Vitacost saw a 24% increase in conversions related to this segment of shoppers.

“Quantum Metric has streamlined our prioritization and workflow process by providing key data points regarding revenue, and order volume potential related to conversion barriers within our site experience. The accuracy of their forecasting algorithm is incredible, producing an already significant ROI since implementation.”

Guy Burgstahler /General Manager of Vitacost

Aligning teams around common data.

Since implementing Quantum Metric, Vitacost has seen immediate alignment not only from their developers, but across the entire organization. Members of the digital team across all roles and responsibilities are not only registered users of the platform, but actively engage with it on a weekly basis.

“We’ve got customer service reps, PMs, marketers, UI/UX designers, and developers all utilizing the broad portfolio of Quantum Metric features.”

Guy Burgstahler /General Manager of Vitacost

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