Vueling avoids $3M in cost with page speed benchmarks.

Quantum Metric helps the Spanish airline understand and address traveler frustration.






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$3M annual savings from increased page load speed.

Adopted MVP test-and-iterate mindset.

Democratized data insights.

Data accessibility across teams. 

With Quantum Metric, Vueling is taking the concept of agile and applying it across the organization, a framework known as Continuous Product Design. Now, programmers, business owners, UX designers, and other team members who work with the product can make data-driven decisions that positively impact the business’s bottom line, as well as the customer experience.

$3M opportunity with page speed benchmarks.

One of the ways Vueling impacts their bottom line is by benchmarking page performance against a standard load time using the Quantum Metric platform. Early on in the relationship, the Vueling team found close to 35% of sessions were loading slower than their benchmark. 


  • Sessions with a faster load time had 3X higher conversion rates. 
  • Slow page loading times had an annual impact of $3 million according to Quantum Metric.

MVP test-and-iterate mindset.

Since utilizing Quantum Metric’s heat maps, click maps, and session replay, Vueling has been able to more easily A/B test new products and features. The airline is now armed with visibility into how travelers navigate through the journey—including any friction points.

Vueling has since adopted a MVP test-and-iterate mindset, where they personalize as much as possible to “get information back and to find out whether that was relevant for customers.” 

When an iteration is successful, it increases customer satisfaction, conversion rate, and revenue.


  • With Quantum Metric, Vueling has been able to more easily focus on their bottom line by identifying which products to improve, as well as which new products to build and launch.

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