How Western Union increased First Call Resolution and reduced call escalations.

Leveraging Quantum Metric’s Embedded Replay integration in Salesforce Service Cloud, Western Union gained greater visibility into customer care issues in the contact center.


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30% reduction in issue escalations by call agents.

Increase in First Call Resolutions (FCR).

Reimagining the role of the contact center.

To help contact center agents support customers more effectively, Western Union needed greater visibility into what was frustrating customers, and how those pain points impacted the business at large.

Agents were ultimately able to resolve issues, but this often required escalations and added time. Even after the escalation was filed, the IT and engineering teams could spend hours – and sometimes days – trying to reproduce the issue. They needed a solution that allowed them to move at the speed of the customer.

“Before we would get very generic calls about errors and customers would not know what that error was. This required an escalation to Tier 2 to look at the back end data and would take multiple days to respond to a customer request.”

Bradley Bossenbroek/Operations Program & Knowledge Management

Equipping contact center agents with visual insights.

Using Quantum Metric Embedded Replay for Salesforce Service Cloud, agents could now view 100% of digital user sessions in real time, without having to leave the Salesforce platform.With the ability to cross-reference details from a user’s session (e.g. device type or operating system), agents were better enabled to solve customer issues, rather than handing them off to another team. 


After implementing Quantum Metric”s Embedded Replay, Western Union saw:

  • An increase in First Call Resolution (“FCR”) 
  • 30% reduction in agent escalations from Tier 1 to Tier 2 

“Today we are seeing improvements in our agent’s ability to better understand our customers. Quantum Metric allows us to go into the customer’s session and actually see what error they encountered to quickly pinpoint the issue and solution.”

Bradley Bossenbroek/Operations Program & Knowledge Management

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