The best data you've ever seen

Automatically capture every swipe, click, scroll, API response, page view, and more—release after release.

Get complete visibility in a single platform

Capture 60+ behaviors and data points out of the box.

Web              Mobile               Kiosk

Behavioral metrics
Clicks, taps, scrolls, long running spinners, scroll depth, form submits, back button usage, page views, typed text, frustration signals, and more.


Technical metrics
Error messages, JS errors, API requests, API 500s, network requests, API 40x, page speed metrics, app crashes, uncaught exceptions, and more.


Business metrics
Conversion rate, conversion value, funnel performance, bounce rate, page views, promo code values, attribution data, and more.

Data as fresh as your last release

With a one-time JS tag or SDK deployment, Quantum Metric
will start capturing an expanse of data—no future code
configuration required.


New pages, views, buttons and experiences are automatically identified and trackable—no element level tagging required.

Remote Configuration

Sometimes you need to track complex actions. Use Quantum Metric’s UI based tracking to track any behavior—all without ever touching your code.

Real-Time Availability

Curious how customers are engaging with a new test? Don’t wait for batch analytics dumps—start analyzing the experience right away.

Immediate Answers

With Quantum Metric, Analytics teams don’t have a backlog of simple questions, and teams have the answers they need immediately.

Flexible custom dashboards that always bring the "why"

Use our easy card builder as your data workbench. Build flexible visualizations, compare to baseline, and measure performance over time. If you like what you build, simply drag it into a dashboard.

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Get started with dozens of dashboard templates

The beautiful thing about capturing 60+ data points out of the box? Automatically populated and insightful dashboards for any industry. From Exit Intent and Search Behavior to Page Group Metrics and VoC Behavioral Analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is your data different than Adobe or Google analytics?

A majority of our customers use Quantum Metric side by side with either Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics. Quantum Metric focuses on visualizing experience data and supplementing other analytics tools with detailed customer data. Integrating Quantum Metric with Adobe or Google is simple.

Can I configure events remotely?

That’s the beauty of the Quantum Metric platform. If you need to track a custom event, you can configure the event remotely via our UI and start tracking in minutes. No need to go into your application code.

What if I have a web and native application?

Many of our customers are in that same boat. Our native capture method enables you to render native application replays in the same replay engine and web-based replays. This means you can access data across all of your digital properties in a single platform.

Do you capture 100% of traffic?

We encourage our customers to capture all of their traffic. Quantum Metric has an incredibly low overheard (tag and SDK) which enables 100% capture with an imperceptible impact to the end user.

Can I access my raw data and send it to other systems?

Yep! You have full access to your data. Use it in Bigquery, send it to a data lake or a data cloud such as Snowflake.

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