Exceed expectations with experience analytics.

Surface pain points, seize opportunities, and create experiences that resonate with customers and keep them coming back.

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize customer journeys with real-time experience analytics.

Keep track of KPIs, releases, and applications.

From conversion and revenue to customer satisfaction scores, proactively monitor and address customer friction and complaints fast to improve recover business opportunity and build positive customer sentiment.

Identify and quantify friction.

Get ahead of customer issues and pinpoint and resolve customer friction with real-time monitoring and automated quantification.

Diagnose customer feedback.

Instead of guessing what customers are telling you, watch or replay the customer’s digital experience to provide a quick resolution.

Make every digital encounter count.

With Quantum Metric experience analytics, align faster on customer needs and prioritize opportunities that will drive the most value.

Monitor every experience in real time.

Quantify friction in one click.

Leverage out-of-the-box data and insights.

Scale with security.

Gain real-time understanding of the digital customer experience.

Session replay

A secure, high-fidelity, and detailed visual representation of every customer’s actions on your website or app, enabling teams to gain deep insights into customer behaviors, foster empathy, and establish a shared truth for better decision-making.


Elevate your website optimization by combining clickmaps, heatmaps, and scroll maps with a dollar value assigned to each click, providing actionable insights to optimize page elements and boost conversions.

Industry dashboard templates

Our set of pre-built dashboard templates empowers your teams to effortlessly monitor and enhance top experiences across your complex digital customer journey, with instant KPI alerts and step-by-step insights within minutes, not weeks.


Streamline automatic data capture and search of 300+ behavioral, technical, and business metrics, enabling real-time insights without the need for manual tagging, ensuring faster development and optimization for your teams.

7 critical criteria for finding the right digital experience analytics solution.

Exploring experience analytics solutions takes time and energy. Save time and set yourself up for success with our guide.

Experience analytics for every team.

Give every team a consolidated view — with errors, friction, opportunities — that starts from a comprehensive foundation of data.


Know when customers are experiencing confusing design or technical friction, how customers are navigating through your website or mobile app, and determine why a test won or failed with experience analytics data.

Engineering & IT

Monitor negative impacts after every release across every application, reproduce reported issues easily, and quantify the business impact of any error or API failure to prioritize or backlog.


See the digital experience from the customer’s perspective, diagnose the root cause of negative feedback, and with one click, quantify how many more customers had the same experience.


Discover the power of real-time analytics.

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