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Uncomplicated product analytics for critical product decisions.

Set priorities, optimize digital journeys, and proactively resolve customer friction using data and empathy with Quantum Metric.

Craft products your customers love with Quantum Metric product analytics.

Prioritize product opportunities.

Know what enhancements or fixes to make next with quantified business impact at your fingertips.

Optimize journeys and features.

Actively improve the user experience with a deep dataset on customer behaviors, friction detection, and user analysis.

Inform experiments.

Monitor test results, iterate on active experiments, and make data-driven choices on what to test next.

Product analytics that tells you more in less time.

Cut through data complexity and focus on what matters most to your business and customers.

Quantify every product decision with confidence.

Automatically capture customer signals.

Analyze user behavior with ease.

Leverage effective mobile analytics.

Product analytics for every team.

With Quantum Metric product analytics, make faster decisions aligned around customer and business impact.


Product teams can gain a deeper understanding of user behavior, intent, and friction, while also helping focus limited resources on what will have the most impact. With one-click impact quantification, teams can quickly scope impact to prioritize product opportunities or deprioritize escalations.


With combined quantitative and qualitative analysis, UX teams can make data-driven design choices and speak the language of your product, tech, and analytics peers. Plus, leverage product and user analytics paired with session replay and heatmaps.


Speed time to insight for analytics teams by automatically capturing every digital interaction—like clicks, taps, scrolls, long running spinners, 404 errors. Spend less time on mundane data tasks and more time being a strategic enabler for your organization.

Analytics for app optimization.

Korean Air increased their app rating from 2.9 to 4.6 in less than a year by optimizing their mobile experience with Quantum Metric product analytics.


Discover the power of real-time analytics.

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