Web analytics transformed for the modern enterprise.

Understand and upgrade your digital CX. Plus, gain visibility into user actions across your websites and mobile apps.

Surface hidden opportunities to attract, acquire, and retain users with web analytics.

Improve funnel performance.

Know where users are dropping off on their path to conversion, determine where you have the biggest opportunity for improvement, and enhance your funnel performance and user experience.

Maximize marketing campaigns.

With web analytics, measure the impact and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and make adjustments so your digital marketing efforts aren’t wasted.

Enhance user journeys and product features.

Gain insight into what product features to build and prioritize as you explore user paths to locate and eliminate friction points in the customer journey.

Act faster and smarter with real-time insights and in-depth analysis.

With web analytics tools, make better decisions that empower your customer and improve your bottom line.

Quantify impact, align on priorities.

Diagnose deeper and optimize faster.

Autocapture 100s of data points out-of-the-box.

Instant insights into the web and mobile customer journey.

Real-time alerts

Stay proactive and responsive with dynamic and highly configurable alerts, leveraging proprietary anomaly detection for accuracy, while continuously improving over time for aggregate behavior, frustration, technical issues, and more.


Streamline automatic data capture and search of 300+ behavioral, technical, and business metrics, enabling real-time insights without the need for manual tagging, ensuring faster development and optimization for your teams.

Industry dashboard templates

Our set of pre-built dashboard templates empowers your teams to effortlessly monitor and enhance top experiences across your complex digital customer journey, with instant KPI alerts and step-by-step insights within minutes, not weeks.

Journey analysis

Gain deep insights into your customers’ paths through your website or mobile app effortlessly, using our ready-to-use data set and seamless access to session replay, events, errors, top clicks/taps, and more, helping you understand their behaviors and decision-making process.

Web analytics for every team.

Monitor how potential and current customers interact with your digital properties and products so you can tailor experiences to maximize impact. 


Understand when customers face confusing design or technical obstacles, gain insights into their navigation patterns on your website, and make informed decisions about what to prioritize for your next A/B test.


Know why customers bounce, understand audience engagement, and enhance campaign performance in order to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).


Gain a customer-centric view of the digital experience, identify and diagnose issues causing negative feedback, and efficiently quantify the impact on other customers’ experiences with just one click.


Discover the power of real-time analytics.

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