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Employee Experience

Unleash team productivity and ROI with powerful internal app insights.

Automatically surface critical, undetected friction on your internal apps and kiosks and understand what matters to employees, customers, and the business.

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How QM helps.

Detect when employees struggle.

  • Out-of-the-box anomaly detection surfaces dozens of pre-defined struggle indicators and technical issues 
  • Examples: rage clicks, long-running spinner, API failures, app crashes

Reproduce the experience and instantly size the impact.

  • Is it a UX/design issue or a technical one?
  • Session replay helps you see how employees actually use and experience your apps

Reduce time to resolve with technical details.

  • A robust network panel includes a JS console and API calls for every session
  • Events are automatically tagged, so click on “see more” and watch session replays for all employees who had the same issue

Lightning Analytics

Enhance visibility, maximize efficiency in Salesforce Lightning applications.

Maximize efficiency and ROI by proactively monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing Salesforce Lightning apps with actionable self-serve insights, elevating your internal app experience.

Maximize employee outcomes with Lightning Analytics.

Resolve helpdesk issues faster when raised by agents, and distinguish between training and technical issues.

Quantify reported slowness or errors, and quickly diagnose root cause.

Boost employee engagement and efficiency by assessing task completion times and bottlenecks within employee workflows.

Optimize all your mission-critical employee apps.

Get fast insights and enhance collaboration across teams through effortless monitoring for all your employee workflows across web, app and kiosk: inventory management, boarding and reservations, point of sale (POS), and shift scheduling.

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Enhanced workflows for every team.


How can we monitor when employees struggle to complete a task?

Contact center

Why do agents revert back to our legacy app?


How do we prioritize our growing backlog?