Get notified when thing's don't look right

No need to set thresholds, let Quantum Metric's machine-learning anomaly detection do the work

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Anomaly Detection and Alerts


Traditional software has relied on operation teams to define what an error "looked" like. Instead, Quantum Metric uses patent-pending anomaly detection algorithms to identify application and system errors. Using Machine Learning, Quantum Metric will identify anomalies for any defined alerting statistic.

Quantum Metric gathers, stores, and analyzes all of your digital website and mobile app traffic across your digital presence. It uses statistical analysis along with sophisticated frustration detection to give you a meaningful look at millions of user sessions.

Out-Of-Box Error Detection
Anomaly Detection

Enterprise-CLASS Alerting

From macro to micro, Quantum Metric’s alerting can be configured to keep your operations team on top of the digital experience. Alerts can be setup on macro KPIs such as overall traffic and conversion, but also every single metric that’s collected. Alert monitoring can be filtered, applied aggregate functions, monitored via statistical deviation or QM’s out-of-box anomaly detection to get you the granularity your team needs.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.