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Prioritize player-first experiences.

Automatically detect customer friction.

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With maximum choice and minimum patience, iGaming companies must continuously design, deliver, and iterate on their services to keep customers coming back, whether on web or app. In this eBook, we share 5 paths companies can take to meet increasing expectations and competitive pressures.
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  • How can we out-innovate our competitors?
  • Where do I find the balance between up-sell and over-sell?

QA and VoC:

  • How do I know our KYC functionality is good enough?
  • Am I doing enough to protect our players?


  • How can we minimize drop-offs in a regulation-heavy registration flow? 
  • How can I make deposits and withdrawals easier, particularly for first time users?

Support critical initiatives.

Calculate ROI for livestream events and other innovations.

Monitor customer behavior for first-in-class player protection.

Respond to unpredictable regulatory changes with agility.

“Quantum Metric enables us to drive more of our product and UX evolution from the point of view of our customers.”


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