Create a winning player experience.

Understand in real-time what’s stopping new players from registering, why players aren't returning, or why they drop off before depositing or placing a bet.

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Level up your digital experience.

Automatically detect player friction.

Prioritize issues based on the calculated business impact of any single point of friction.

Gain real-time visibility into peak sporting events.

Fix friction or breaks to avoid lost deposits on real-time events and offers.

Identify and reduce fraud.

Set up automated behavior pattern recognition alerts to help reduce fraud and protect players.

Confidently release new features.

Monitor how new releases are performing so product and tech teams can make improvements and fix bugs.

“Quantum Metric is shaping our development. We're taking the insights and information we're getting there, seeing where customer journeys can be improved and moving that into our new features and services and into our roadmap.”

Hannah Harvey
Head of Product, Flutter UK&I

“Quantum Metric enables us to drive more of our product and UX evolution from the point of view of our customers.”

Eoin Ryan
Director Of Sportsbook, Betvictor