Healthier outcomes for your digital journeys.

Understand patient needs in real-time and improve self-service for optimized healthcare experiences.

Digital insights unique to you.


Identify digital friction that is impacting the patient experience.

Healthcare Provider

Build patient-centric journeys and accelerate digitization goals.

Health Insurance

Understand why patients struggle with their insurance journeys.

Deliver digital care through healthy experiences.

Proactively discover friction points.

Whether it's one or many, pinpoint where patients are struggling and size the impact.

Drive digital patient empathy.

Understand the patient journey with visibility into your web and mobile app experiences.

Confidently release new features.

Monitor how new releases are performing so product and tech teams can make improvements and fix bugs.

Obtain real-time patient insights.

Avoid backlog delays and get immediate answers to business questions with autocaptured data sets.

Why Quantum Metric.

Understand patient behavior, align internally, and exceed goal after goal.

Identify mobile app friction across the journey.

Autocapture all behavior, identify friction.

More answers, less waiting.

Automated configuration for privacy assurance.


Explore Atlas for healthcare.

Discover pre-built healthcare guides that help you monitor and improve the top experiences across the digital patient journey.